90.5 WSUC-FM The Dragon

WSUC-FM officially went on the air Nov. 29, 1976.

Before 1976 the station was an AM carrier-current station the call letters where WCSU: We expected to retain the WCSU call letters but needed to submit 5 choices to the FCC in our application. WCSU was first, second WMLF (Station Manager Michael Flaster's initials), third WCJL (for Corey Leibow, the Program Director's initials), fourth, WRTC (the Chief Engineer, Dick Crozier's initials) and finally, as a joke, WSUC. As luck would have it, the first four call-letters were already assigned.
Faculty Advisor: Caroline Kaltefleiter

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Mondays, 6 p.m., Corey Union, Room 207

CSTV SUNY Cortland's Television Station

Cortland television station (channel 20) is a student-run organization that plans and creates television shows and programs brought forth by the student body. CSTV is also involved with filming campus and community events. In addition, CSTV helps with the advertisements of other clubs through commercials and programs on the campus television network. 

Thank you for watching CSTV-20.

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Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Corey Union, Rooms 207-208

Dragon Chronicle

The Dragon Chronicle is SUNY Cortland's weekly student-run newspaper covering news, opinions, lifestyles and sports. It provides students with experiences in journalism, writing, editing, photography, and advertising in addition to behind-the-scenes, hands-on experience putting a weekly newspaper together. The Dragon Chronicle's ultimate mission is to inform and entertain the campus and community and to enrich the college experience of student members by providing them with a fun, beneficial means of becoming active on campus.

Newspaper E-Board

Editor-in-Chief: Bethany Lunden
News Editor: Elena Grande
Lifestyles Editor: Jennifer McNicholl
Opinions Editor: Lucy Schuler
Sports Editor: Jessica McFadden

Advisor: Scott Rapp, Communication Studies

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Mondays at 9:30 p.m., Dragon Chronicle Office, Corey Union, Room 111