Communication and Media Studies Department

Department Overview

If you can see yourself as a Film / TV news director, journalist, special effects technician in the film industry or a public relations or advertising executive, then a major in communication studies is in your future.

The Communication and Media Studies Department offers degrees in both communication studies and new communication media that are supported by professional-level production facilities. These majors allow you to tailor your program of study to meet personal learning and employment objectives.

Courses in both majors are supplemented by work with the student-run newspaper, radio station or other campus media, an extensive internship program and a highly developed study abroad program.

At SUNY Cortland, you’ll gain experience leading to a successful career and have the opportunity to further your education through graduate studies or professional training.


SUNY Cortland adds major in media production

The new program is intended for students interested in television, film, radio or the digital arts.

Cortland students lead high school writing experience

Members of the Cortland Writers Association met with students at Seven Valleys New Tech Academy.

Communications programs ranked No. 3 in NY placed the department at No. 3 on its list of “Best Colleges for Communication Majors.”

Actor William Fichtner to screen new movie on campus

Several scenes of “Cold Brook” were filmed at SUNY Cortland.

Students, faculty offered free global news briefings

Students can receive free daily news briefings on important international events.