Dr. Baroni

Dr. Baroni

Timothy J. Baroni,

Distinguished Professor

Boletus aurantiosplendens
Boletus aurantiosplendens Baroni
-- a new species from North Carolina

& Lab:
340 Bowers Hall
Phone: 607-753-2725
E-mail: tim.baroni@cortland.edu


Humboldt State University, B.A., M.A.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Ph.D.

Courses Frequently Taught

  • Biological Sciences I  (BIO 201)
  • Plants and People (SCI 304)
  • Fungi
  • Field Mycology
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

Scholarly Interests

Studies on the systematics and biodiversity of mushrooms, especially members of the Entolomataceae, and boletes (Boletaceae) are the focal point for much of my research.  Phylogenetic analyses of members of the Entolomataceae, in collaboration with Drs. Valerie Hofstetter and Jean-Marc Moncalvo, using several different molecules, have played a prominent role in my recent efforts, in addition to broad based field work and morphological investigations, in an effort to develop a more complete understanding of this family of mushrooms on a world wide scale. 

In the past 10 years most of my time has been spent collecting and studying tropical mushrooms and boletes from the islands of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica in the Greater Antilles as well as Belize and Costa Rica in Central America. Through several major collaborative efforts we have made good progress in documenting the biodiversity of Basidiomycetes from these regions.  Our group (for more information visit:  www.cortland.edu/nsf/ga.html) has catalogued over 7,000 collections so far from the Greater Antilles project.  Numerous presentations at national and international meetings and a growing list of technical papers have been published on the results of our work.  We have described many new species of basidiomycetes (and have many more yet to be described), we have also described some new genera (see papers below), and we believe we may have discovered at least one new family of basidiomycetes which is yet to hit the press.  Numerous new records have been recorded for the Greater Antilles and Belize, and we are beginning to develop ideas about the biogeography of basidiomycetes for this region of the Neotropics. 

Recent opportunities have allowed me to study first hand Asian and Australasian mushrooms after making a trip to Thailand and Tasmania to work with colleagues.  We (Genevieve Gates and I) have published one paper on new species of Rhodocybe from Tasmania, and other papers are planned on some members of the Tricholomataceae from Tasmania.  Work on Asian collections started some years ago through collaborations with Drs. Roy Watling and Dennis Desjardin. My recent visit to this part of the world has provided me with a new prospective and lots of my own collections to examine.  

Cortland Undergraduate Biology Students continue to work with me on research projects and Mr. Lance Lacey (class of 2004) and Ms. Nicole Bocsusis (class of 2007) have been instrumental in preparing publications on new species and new reports.  Lance joined our team on several research expeditions to the Dominican Republic and Belize from 2001 to 2004 and made major contributions to documenting collections from those countries.

Recent Grants

    • NSF - “ Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles, Especially the Luquillo LTER site”   $452,643.00   co-pi with Drs. D. Jean Lodge, Karen Nakasone and Leif Ryvarden (1996-2000)
    • Faculty Research Program (Cortland):  “Molecular taxonomy in the Entolomataceae”   $2,317.50
    • NSF – Supplement award to the Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles grant to run a second workshop on “Tropical Basidiomycete Taxonomy and Systematics” in Venezuela, August 1999,  $22,000.00, co-pi with Dr. D. Jean Lodge.
    • Sponsored Programs (Cortland) Incentive Grant – molecular systematics/phylogenetics of Clitopilus (Entolomataceae), DNA sequencing of the ITS region of rDNA at Duke University, summer 2000,  $1,000.00
    • NSF – “Basidiomycetes of Neotropical Pine Forests: Connections Between a  Possible Refugium in Belize and Endemic Pine Forests in the Dominican Republic.” co-PI with Drs. D. Jean Lodge, L. Ryvarden, J. Cifuentes, and O. K. Miller, Jr. $399,981. (2001-2005)


  • NSF – REU award to support two undergraduate students (Cortland and University of Puerto Rico) on Basidiomycetes of Neotropical Pine Forests, $12,000
  • National Science Foundation – supplement award to the Basidiomycetes of Neotropical Pine Forests:  to invite young investigators from Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Germany, France and the US to present their research findings on Diversity of Neotropical Macrofungi in a symposium organized by me and Dr. Roy E. Halling, New York Botanical Garden, at the 7th International Mycological Congress in Oslo, Norway, 11-17 August 2002, $11,000.00
  • National Geographic Society -– Mycological biodiversity of Doyle’s Delight, Maya Mts. Belize, $11,725 (Aug. 2007)
  • British Mycological Society -– Mycological biodiversity of Doyle’s Delight, Maya Mts., Belize,$975 (Aug. 2007)

Selected Publications

Note that the underlined publications below have links to pdf files.

  • Ryvarden, L., Aime, M. C., and Baroni, T. J. 2009. Studies in neotropical polypores 26. A new species of Trametes and revisitation of an old. SYNOPSIS FUNGORUM FUNGIFLORA 26:27-32. 
  • Largent, D.L., Henkel, T.W., Aime, M. C., and Baroni, T.J. 2008. The Entolomataceae of the Pakaraima Mountains of Guyana I: four new species of Entoloma ss.str. MYCOLOGIA 100: 132-140.
  • Baroni, T. J., Bocsusis, N., Lodge, D. J., Lindner, D. L.  2008. A new species of Pleurocollybia (Tricholomataceae; Agaricales; Basidiomycetes) from Belize. MYCOTAXON (in press)
  • Baroni, T. J., Franco-Molano, A. E., Lodge, D. L., Lindner, D. L., Hofstetter, V., and Horak, E. 2007. Arthromyces and Blastosporella two new genera of lyophylloid agarics (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) from the Neotropics that produce conidia.  MYCOLOGICAL RESEARCH 111:572-580.

  • Petersen, R. H. and Baroni, T. J. 2007. Xerula hispida and Xerula setulosa (comb. nov.) two similar subtropical New World agarics MYCOTAXON 101:113-136.

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