Beginner's Guide to Student Accounts

Welcome to the Student Accounts Office. Below is a guide to help answer some commonly asked questions.

Accept Charges (Confirm Attendance)

Every semester, every student must accept his/her charges before the deadline printed on the initial semester bill. As part of this process students who also have a balance due are expected to pay their bill by the same deadline. Students who fail to accept their charges by the deadline will be de-registered from their classes (they will lose their class schedule).

Account Status

You may view your account status via myRedDragon at any time and you may make online payments 24/7, though payments made after 10 p.m. will be considered as having been paid the following day. As changes are made to your account they will be posted in real time.

Authorized Payers

Authorized (third-party) payers may be created by students. Authorized payers are granted limited online access to a student's account information and receive email notification whenever a new bill is presented, can access current account status and bills, and are able to make payments on a student's account. Such access can be granted only by the student and must be done via the student's myRedDragon account. See Billing/Payment Information for more details. Please note, granting such use is not the same as signing a FERPA Release Form  (see below)


In order to conserve resources, paper bills are not mailed. Instead, bills are available for viewing via the student's myRedDragon account. An email is sent to a student's Cortland email account every time a bill has been created. Also, students have the ability to create authorized payers who will receive the same email notification sent to their own personal email account. If required, a paper (PDF) version of the bill can be printed from QuikPay®, our online billing and payment system.

To view your bill:

  • Sign on to your myRedDragon account
  • Select the Student tab
  • Select My Online Account (from College & Student Accounting Services channel on right)
  • Select Access QuikPay
  • Select View Accounts
  • Select Most Recent Bill
  • Click on the pdf logo under Printable Statement

Bills for the fall semester are available for viewing (and an email is sent) on or about July 11 and payment is due on or before August 15. Bills for the spring semester are available for viewing (and an email is sent) in early December and payment is due on or about January 8. Your bill will contain charges for full-time tuition, fees and room and board if applicable. A sample bill for fall 2017 will be available for viewing later in the spring.

If you have satisfied all requirements of the Financial Aid Office, your aid amount will be posted on your bill. This aid and any deposits paid are considered credits and act as a deferral against billed charges. You are required to pay the difference (out-of-pocket expenses) between your billed charges and the credits that appear on your bill.

Costs of Attendance

Your cost to attend SUNY Cortland will vary depending on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, whether your primary residence is in New York state, whether you live on campus or off, and other miscellaneous factors, such as full- time or part-time status, meal plan choices, etc.

To see detailed amounts, view our Tuition and Costs page.


The Student Accounts Office is limited by federal law and college policy on the amount of information that can be disseminated to non-students. However, students can approve the sharing of sensitive financial information by completing a Student Accounts Information Release Form.

New Student Checklist

For a more complete listing of tasks — including those of other offices — that should be completed before beginning classes, please refer to Advisement and Transition's New Student Checklist.


Your payment may be made in full or you may use the Monthly Payment Plan. The Monthly Payment Plan allows you to pay your out-of-pocket expenses in four equal monthly installments. There is a one-time application fee of $45 to participate. In either case, you must make the required payment on or before the due date (August 15 for fall bills and January 8 for spring bills).

As part of the payment process you must accept your charges when prompted if paying online, or print, sign and return the bottom portion of your bill if paying by mail. Details on the payment process, including the Monthly Payment Plan, are available on our payment page.

Student Health Insurance

SUNY Cortland has been notified that due to the requirements and restrictions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the College's insurance carrier will no longer underwrite a policy. As a result, students, other than international students and those studying abroad, wishing to purchase insurance will be responsible for securing their own coverage through a private carrier or health exchange. International students and students studying abroad are covered under a different policy. Such students are required to have adequate coverage and, if needed, can purchase coverage through the school.

For those seeking assistance with obtaining private health insurance, NY State of Health, The Official Health Plan Marketplace, is where New Yorkers can shop for, compare and enroll in health insurance coverage. It's the only place to get financial assistance to reduce the cost of the coverage. To learn more, visit or call 1-855-355-5777.

Please note that mandatory insurance requirements for intercollegiate athletes, international students and students participating in study abroad do remain, even though no insurance premium will appear on a bill. Please refer to the Student Health Insurance page for more details.

Student Accounts Office

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