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Step 1: Apply Online

The easiest, fastest and most secure way for you to apply is online. We accept The Common Application and The SUNY Online application. Both require a $50 non-refundable application fee.

Recommended application dates

Freshmen: December 1 (November 15 for Spring applicants)
Transfers: December 1 (Spring applicants); March 1 (Fall applicants)
International students: April 1 (Fall applicants); November 1 (Spring Applicants)
Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible in order to receive the fullest possible consideration.

Please complete and submit only one.

Apply via the Common App

The Common Application
is accepted by over 400 selective colleges nationwide and allows you to apply to any participating school with one application.

Apply SUNY

The SUNY Online application
is accepted by 58 of the 64 SUNY campuses and allows you to apply to any of the 50 SUNY colleges with one application. 

Step 2: Submit Supplemental Form

All applicants should complete the appropriate supplemental form. 

Please complete and submit only one.

If you applied via the Common Application login to your application and complete the Common Application Supplement for SUNY Cortland

If you applied via the SUNY Online Application login to your application and complete the SUNY supplement

Applicants are encouraged to supplements electronically, however, the following PDFs are available for download:

Step 3: Submit Transcripts


  • High school transcript – may be sent electronically or by using  SOAR (SUNY Online Academic Record)


  • High school transcript
  • College transcripts

International students are encouraged to view the International Admissions Process and Criteria page for any additional admission requirements.

Step 4: Submit all other requested items

Often, the admission process includes a review of letters of recommendation, mid-year or mid-semester grades, an audition or portfolio. Follow up with the Admissions office if you are asked to submit any additional items.

Submit one letter of recommendation or the Teacher/Counselor Evaluation Form (PDF) directly to SUNY Cortland at the address listed on the form (optional for transfers).

For consideration in the Alumni Admissions Program, candidates must submit a letter of recommendation from an Alumni sponsor as well as a completed Alumni Admissions Nomination Form (PDF).

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