Teacher Education Council

The Teacher Education Council (TEC) is the advising and disseminating body of the Teacher Education Unit which represents all BA, BS, BSED, MSED, MST, MAT and CAS teacher education programs at SUNY Cortland.  It functions in an advisory capacity to the Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs who has been designated as the Unit Head for all teacher education programs.  Comprised of department chairs, program coordinators, elected faculty representatives, students, and ad hoc members representing  administrative and support areas of the institution, it is charged with the responsibility for supporting and assisting the head of the teacher education unit in facilitating collaboration between teacher education faculty and other stakeholders in the teacher education process.

The TEC is charged to lead efforts toward professional, scholarly and intellectual excellence in the College’s teacher education programs, and to conduct itself in an atmosphere of open, full and intellectually vigorous discourse.  The Teacher Education Council is a forum for faculty participation that advances teacher education, the quality of education in society, and the study of education.