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Official Transcript Ordering Options

Beginning Fall 2008, SUNY Cortland no longer charges a per-transcript fee. All enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are charged a $5 per term transcript fee as part of the standard college tuition bill. Any student enrolled at SUNY Cortland prior to Fall 2008 was also grandfathered as a former enrolled student, and will also not be required to pay a per-transcript fee.  In Summer 2015, SUNY Cortland added an optional online transcript service.  There is no transcript fees for online ordering, however a $2.25 service charge is required for online ordering and processing.

Students and alumni are able to request transcripts using one of three options:

  1. Enhanced Online Services
    Optional Web-Based Ordering and Tracking: No Per-Transcript Charge, $2.25 Service Charge

  2. Traditional Services
    Standard Mail-in or Fax-in Service: No Per-Transcript Charge, No Service Charge

  3. In-Person Services
    Standard Mail-in or Fax-in Service: No Per-Transcript Charge, No Service Charge

Enhanced Online Services

SUNY Cortland has retained Credentials Inc. to accept transcript orders over the Internet.  Students may request a transcript online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the enhanced online ordering service TranscriptsPlus. Online requests offer benefits over traditional paper orders.

  • Submit your transcript request 24/7 from any secure web browser.

  • The services use web encryption technology, ensuring your information is secured.

  • You will receive notifications via email and/or text messaging as your request is being validated, processed and shipped. You will also receive a notification if there is a problem processing your transcript request, or if a hold exists on your account.

  • You may check the status of your order online at any time.

  • You may select an option online to request that we hold the processing of your transcript for final grades and/or the posting of your degree. 

  • You will have access to overnight delivery options from Federal Express along with online tracking of a delivery when expedited shipping is required. 

  • Online orders may qualify for "automatic authorization" in lieu of submitting any signed authorization form.

  • Support for online ordering is available toll-free at 1-800-646-1858. (There is an additional operator surcharge for placing orders over the telephone.)

Cost: There is no charge for the transcript. A $2.25 processing fee is charged per issued transcript for enhanced services.

Expedited Delivery Costs: If you elect to use rush shipping, there will be an additional cost for FedEx shipping services. FedEx shipping costs will vary, depending on the the service and shipping address. 

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Order a Transcript Online

Transcript Order Status

If you ordered your transcript online, you may also review the status of your order.  The online lookup tools also give you the ability to cancel uncompleted orders, obtain authorization forms, upload a scanned authorization form, request a copy of your receipt, review  recipients on your order, review the communication history with you and update a credit card that has failed the request for reauthorization.

Check the Status of an Order

Traditional Service (Mail-in or Fax-in)

Students may fax, mail, or bring a transcript request to the Registrar's office using the Transcript Request Form.

SUNY Cortland Registrar's Office
Attn.: Transcript Coordinator
PO Box 2000
Cortland, NY 13045-0900
Fax: 607-753-2959

Cost: There is no per-transcript charge. No processing fee is charged for traditional services. 

Special Transcript Service: If you attended as a both a graduate student and an undergraduate student, and you require special partial transcripts (only undergraduate work or only graduate work reported) versus a standard transcript, you must use the traditional option.  Currently, this is a specialized service that must be performed in the office.

Download the Transcript Request Form (PDF)

In-Person Service

Students may come to Miller Building, Room 223 to order transcripts in person. Students may either receive the transcripts directly (with officially issued ID) or request that we send transcripts to a third party using standard U.S. Mail. 

Cost: There is no per-transcript charge. No processing fee is charged for in-person services. 

Other Information

Electronic, Faxed and Emailed Transcripts

SUNY Cortland does not provide electronic, faxed or email transcripts at this time. We cannot provide you with transcripts in electronic or faxed form, official or unofficial. You may access unofficial electronic transcripts via myRedDragon.

Expedited Shipping

If you need a transcript more immediately, you may use the Enhanced Online Services to send your transcripts via Fed Ex.  You may also pick up your transcript in person, and ship using a service of your choosing.

Unofficial Transcripts

The Registrar's Office can only produce and send official transcripts. We do not issue unofficial transcripts to students.  We do, however, permit you to access and print your own unofficial transcripts via myRedDragon. Students have 24/7 access to unofficial transcripts, online account records, and degree audits via the myRedDragon account.  Students who graduated prior to 2000, will not have access to unofficial transcripts via myRedDragon - please request an official transcript using one of the options above.

Other Records and Scores

The Registrar's Office cannot provide copies of records from other institutions for official use outside of the College. For example, we cannot provide you, an employer, or another agency (except where we are required by law or legal order) with a transcript or record from another college that you may have submitted to us. Please request official documents directly from their source. Generally employers, academic institutions and agencies will only accept original, official documents from the source.

Official Transcript Grades and Notations

You may review our Transcript Grade Explanation Document / Key (PDF) for information about grades, transcript notations and other document features.

Secure Paper and Watermarks

For all of the above sending options, SUNY Cortland uses secure transcript paper where a watermark appears when the transcript is copied or exposed to photographic equipment.  This is is to ensure Cortland transcripts are recognized as official, and  the paper is designed to help the College curb counterfeit transcripts.  If a recipient uses OCR, imaging machines, photographic equipment, or other copying equipment which is not certified secure transcript paper, the College cannot be responsible for any quality or legibility concerns that may result.  Most institutions, Admissions Councils and accrediting agencies utilize anti-counterfeit techniques and recognize watermarked paper.  

Other Questions?

Do not hesitate to call our office for assistance with your transcript request at 607-753-4702.  If you have technical questions or questions regarding your online order, please check your status online, or call Credentials Inc. at 847-716-3005.