SUNY Cross Registration

SUNY-Wide Cross Registration Agreement

The State University of New York established a SUNY-wide cross-registration policy in order to provide undergraduate students with a wider array of course options. The cross-registration policy is intended to address one or more of the following:

  1. strengthen an academic program by including a course or courses not taught by the home institution
  2. resolve a course scheduling conflict that delays timely program completion
  3. utilize existing faculty, facilities, and resources more efficiently

You are permitted to cross-register at state-operated campuses and Community Colleges subject to the policies listed below, and the policies of the host institution. Campuses include:

The following are excluded from SUNY cross-registration:

  • summer and winter sessions
  • CUNY or independent/private colleges and universities
  • academic programs jointly offered by more than one SUNY campus
  • SUNY’s statutory colleges at Cornell and Alfred Universities
  • instructional arrangements at Syracuse University via SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) 
  • study abroad programs and international programs

Please review our cross-registration FAQ for additional information and details.

Deadlines for Cortland Students Registering at Another School

  • Cross-registration information must be submitted to SUNY Cortland's Advisement and Transition Office, as part of the permission to transfer process, no later than December 1 for spring courses and July 15 for fall courses.

  • The completed cross-registration form must be submitted to your SUNY Cortland Associate Dean no later than December 1 for spring courses and July 15 for fall courses.

  • Copies of your certificates of residency must be provided to SUNY Cortland at least one week prior to the start of class at the host institution if you are registering at a Community College.

  • Consult with the host school about their applicable deadlines, include the Certificate of Residency submittal deadline. The host institution may require earlier submittal of materials.

SUNY Cortland Undergraduate Students: Registering at Another School

The information below applies to SUNY Cortland students (where SUNY Cortland is the HOME institution).

Visiting Undergraduate Students: Registering at SUNY Cortland

The information below applies to visiting students (where SUNY Cortland is the HOST institution).

Visiting students enroll at SUNY Cortland using the standard visiting student alternate registration process.  Visiting undergraduate students are permitted to register beginning the first day of the drop and add period.