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Faculty Grading

Teaching at Antlers

Winter Intersession 2014 Grading Information

  • Grading is open for the duration of the intersession due to varied class schedules.
  • Grading closes on January 22 at 4pm.

Spring 2014 Grading Information

  • First Half of Term (Q3) and Midterm Grading Opens: February 24
  • First Half of Term (Q3) and Midterm Estimate Grading Closes: March 18 (4pm)
  • Second Half of Term (Q4) and Final Grading Opens: April 30
  • Second Half of Term (Q4) and Final Grading Closes: May 19 (4pm)

Faculty Grading Tutorials and Help

Faculty will enter mid-term and final grades using MyRedDragon and Banner Self Service.  The following tutorials will show you how to enter your grades using SUNY Cortland's online tools. 

If you experience any problems, please feel free to contact us.  If you experience any technical problems or password issues, the Help Desk (IRSC) is here to serve you as well (x. 2500).

Late Grade Submissions

If a grade is not recorded by the posted deadline, a grade of "LG" is recorded for the course.  The "LG" grade is visible to students and advisors on the transcript, the degree audit, and the class schedule. The "LG" grade does not impact the student GPA while it appears, but it will prevent the student from graduating, receiving a final transcript, receiving a final academic standing, and being listed on the Dean's/President's list status while the grade is unresolved.

Because the system must close for final processing, GPA calculations and degree conferrals; we unable to accept late grades using the online system. Late grades may  be submitted via the Associate Dean of the instructor's school.  Instructors should consult the Associate Dean to learn about school policies and requirements.