Final Exams


SUNY Cortland Final Exams

Spring 2017 Exam Schedules

Student Exam Conflicts and Limits

A student may request an adjustment in his/her final examination schedule if there is a conflict between exams, or if the student is scheduled for more than two examinations in any one day. (415.03, College Handbook)

Students should consult with their instructors to obtain an alternate examination time. If a student is unable to obtain an alternate time by consulting with the instructors, they may appeal to the chair of the department, who may refer the matter to the appropriate associate dean if required.

Documented Student Illnesses or Emergencies

Students with documented illness or other emergencies, should provide documentation to the associate dean of the school. No make-ups for final exams shall be given except for students who are officially excused or who have been verifiably excused by a physician. (415.03, College Handbook)

SUNY Cortland has established standard exam times to allow for two hour exams during the final exam period.  The standard final exam period is used by students and instructors who are attempting to determine exam times prior to the exam period. Additional final examination policies and requirements may be viewed in the College Handbook, part four

Non-Standard, Online, Hybrid and Blended Courses

Students enrolled in a web-based, hybrid or blended course, should consult the instructor to determine how and when your exam is being administered.  Students enrolled in courses that meet at non-standard times, should also consult the instructor to determine where and when your exam is being administered.   The standard web examination times are provided on the standard schedule.