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Final Exam Requests


Approved Procedure for Requesting Alternate Exams

The Spring 2016 deadline for receipt of final exam requests is Friday, February 26.  Instructors may request special examination times that differ from the standard time by making a request to the department chair and school dean. Special examination requests should be used only when necessary, to avoid creating conflicts with exams being offered by other colleagues. Please consult your department chair or school dean for other applicable school policies and procedures.

  1. Instructors are responsible for notifying students of examination arrangements. The Registrar’s Office will also publish alternate examination times on the Registrar’s site.

  2. Final examination change requests will be accepted using this form only with required approval. Late forms will be accepted only at the discretion of the school dean. Late submissions will have lower placement priority, and may not be able to be included in alternate examination schedules published to the web.

  3. Only corresponding classes can be combined into a single examination period. For example, course ABC 123-001 may be combined with ABC 123-002, but may not be combined with DEF 456-001. (This does not refer to cross-listed or shared resources courses, which already meet concurrently).

  4. If you are combining an exam where attendance will exceed 110 students, you may be asked to coordinate with the school dean and the registrar to be assured placement is feasible. Additionally, given the large number of students, additional care should be taken to be assured that exam conflicts will not occur. Because of the limited number of large classrooms, your first choice for the exam time may not be available.

  5. Academic departments are responsible for insuring that alternate exam times will not conflict with block scheduled courses or associated courses. Departments must insure that alternate exam times do not create conflicts for a significant number of enrolled students.

  6. Special examination requests for alternate times may only occur during the established alternate exam periods published by the Registrar.

  7. Requests are completed by the instructor, and sent to the chair for approval. The chair forwards the request to the school dean for approval. The school dean will set the deadlines for receipt of forms. The Registrar’s deadline will be published on the Registrar’s Dates and Deadlines document.

Final Exam Request Form

Approved by the School Deans and Provost - June 3, 2014

Course Formats Excluded 

The following section types do not offer exams according to their format and are not required to submit forms indicating that exams will not be given.

  • Activity Sections
  • Assistantships
  • Fieldwork
  • Independent Study or Directed Learning
  • Internships
  • Labs (Exams are assigned to corresponding lectures unless labs are stand-alone.)
  • Participation Sections
  • Research Sections
  • Student Teaching
  • Studio Art and Performance Sections
  • Thesis Sections

Final Examination Policy

Final examinations are required. An instructor may request exception to this policy from the department chair. The chair may grant such request if: (1) the nature of the course makes such action desirable; or (2) an adequate series of other evaluation procedures is substituted. An instructor may have a policy of exempting students who meet specified criteria from final examinations: the policy and criteria shall be stated and placed on file with the department chair.

Final examinations or last examinations of the course are given during final examination week (except for examinations in quarter courses, which end in the middle of the semester.) No examinations, quizzes, or tests of any type should be given during the last week of classes prior to the published final examination week. Any deviation from this policy must be approved in advance by the appropriate department chair and school dean.

Approved by the Faculty Senate, Feb. 11, 1977; subsequently approved by Vice President Corey