Early Morning Classes Cancelled.

Due to weather conditions, early morning classes at SUNY Cortland are cancelled. Classes scheduled to start after 10 a.m. will be held as regularly scheduled. Offices will operate as normal, although employees are urged to use caution traveling. Any employee who feels travel is unsafe should contact their supervisor and may use time accruals to stay home.

Visit the Emergency site for more information.

Mission Statement

Consistency. Integrity. Efficiency. Service.

The Office of the Registrar supports the academic mission of the College by providing superior service and support to all future students, current students, alumni, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of academic excellence.

We support students throughout their lifetime - as current students and alumni - by maintaining the confidentiality, security and integrity of records; providing transcripts and degree completion verification to other institutions and employers; and by providing reliable, objective and equitable support services.

We partner with faculty and staff to maintain and observe academic policy, to develop tools and procedures for guiding degree completion and outcome tracking, and to provide a host of services that supports the diverse needs of Cortland’s academic and community programs. The Office of the Registrar also supports the campus by adhering to federal and state laws and policies regarding record security, confidentiality and reporting.

Our staff strives to be customer-centered, by developing efficient and accessible tools and services, and by providing services consistently and impartially to serve the needs of our diverse community.

The Office of the Registrar provides the following services to the SUNY Cortland community:

  • Registration and Course Enrollment Services 
  • Readmission Processing and Support 
  • Course Building and Maintenance 
  • Publishing the Schedule of Classes 
  • Maintaining the Student Degree Auditing Systems 
  • Classroom and Instructional Space Scheduling 
  • Final Exam Scheduling and Space Scheduling 
  • Providing Transcripts and Enrollment Verification Services 
  • Graduation and Degree Clearance 
  • Diploma Printing and Replacement Services 
  • Grade Reporting and Maintenance 
  • GPA and Grade Mode Maintenance 
  • Academic Standing Assignment and Maintenance 
  • Course-Related Operational Data for Academic Programs 
  • Support for FERPA Inquiries and FERPA Waiver Management 
  • Other Support Services to Various Constituents