Intramural Sports

Registration for all intramural events is done online through IM Leagues.

There are three different types of offerings in the Intramural Sports Program: Intramural Leagues, One Day Events/Tournaments, and Special Events.

Intramural Leagues
generally run for about 5 weeks of round-robin play, followed in most cases by a single elimination tournament. Any team that does not forfeit out of the league makes it to playoffs. Teams will be scheduled for 1 game per week, based on the team availability, and will have options for playing additional games. Most of these activities are offered at two levels: (1) All-School (highly competitive) and (2) Recreational (just for fun). Championship t-shirts are awarded to the overall winners in both divisions.

One Day Events/Tournaments
are designed for someone who wants to participate, but maybe cannot commit to an intramural league. Many of these activities are offered at two levels, and championship t-shirts are awarded to the overall winners in both divisions. 

The Special Events Program is offered as a direct alternative to drinking/partying. We offer several of these events late at night on the weekends throughout the school year. The tournaments generally begin at 8 p.m. and conclude at approximately 2 a.m., with free food and drinks provided throughout the evening. Championship t-shirts are also awarded to the tournament champions.

If you have questions about any of these programs, please contact the Recreational Sports Office at 607-753-5585. Thank you for visiting!