Videos produced for the College must adhere to SUNY Cortland style guidelines.

Font used should be Agenda Light. See examples for recommended point sizes.

The College logo should always appear at the beginning and/or end of the video.

Title Page

Video Title Page Sample

Video Title is Agenda Light, 135 pt.
Subtitle is Agenda Light, 72 pt.
Download the background (PNG)

Lower Third

Logo Only

Lower Third blank

With Name, Title, Office/Department Name

lower third with text placement

First and Last Name is 72 pt.
Title, Office/Department Name is 48 pt.
Download the lower third graphic (PNG)


Center credits, use initial caps for headings, titles and names. Write titles and names in white letters, Agenda Light.

Example of credits page

Titles are 60 pt.
Names are 48 pt.
Download the background (PNG)

For more information, assistance or to request slides and graphics, contact the Marketing Office at or 607-753-2519.