Seize the Moment Feel the Momentum

A tagline has been developed to encourage and challenge audiences to a personal experience; to take advantage of an opportunity and capture a special moment(s) associated with SUNY Cortland, whether a prospective student or employee, a donor or alumnus, a current student engaging in campus life, or a community member participating in a campus event.

The audience comes first in the tagline, both literally and figuratively, followed by the invitation to be a part of the SUNY Cortland experience. “Moment” also comes first in the spelling of our theme “Momentum."

Tagline Usage

Please contact the Marketing Office at 607-753-2519 for consultation and guidance regarding tagline usage.

The tagline will be used only for sales and promotional materials. It may be used by itself or in conjunction with the College logo.

The tagline “Seize the Moment Feel the Momentum” can be produced without the logo so long as it conforms to the following rules:

  • To maintain the visual separation in the tagline, it will always be produced in two colors with the words “Seize the Moment” always appearing in black.
  • "Feel the Momentum" can appear in red, white or grey.
  • The font should be Americana Bold or Agenda Bold.

Tagline Placement with College Logo

The following graphic demonstrates the tagline placement within the College logo. The light blue lines are guides only and are not part of the actual logo. When using the tagline with the logo, the combined height should be no less than one inch.



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