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Department/office newsletters

The Marketing Office is working on improvements to the previous department/office newsletter workflow. The Microsoft Word newsletter templates that were provided in the past are no longer recommended for email distribution. If you would like guidance on the production of your newsletter, please email the Marketing Office or call 607-753-2519.

Microsoft Word templates

Open House

Please submit your completed department fliers and letterhead to Michael Bersani, coordinator of recruitment and enrollment communications, for final approval. The Admissions Office will cover the printing cost of up to 200 fliers per department for Spring Open House.

Templates for department flyers and the majors outline are temporarily unavailable. Please contact the Marketing Office for assistance.

Office/department letterhead

Downlaod letterhead template
Preview of the SUNY Cortland letterhead, with the College logo and department/office name at top right, and the address in the footer.

Proposal or report templates

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