Victim's Rights

When a member of the SUNY Cortland community has been the victim of an act of misconduct which violates the physical and/or mental welfare of an individual, the victim should expect that the student conduct system shall respond in a caring, sensitive manner which allows the victim to utilize the student conduct process unimpeded, while still maintaining the rights of the accused student. Victim status is typically assigned in cases including crimes of violence, such as sexual assault, rape, physical assault, hazing, sexual harassment, and harassment. [The Student Conduct Office will review each case for victims and will inform individuals when they have been granted this status.] The following rights shall be provided to victims of applicable offenses:

  1. A victim has the right to be treated with dignity and compassion by the student conduct body, and by all persons involved in the disciplinary process.
  2. A victim has the right to information pertaining to the campus student conduct process and appropriate referrals for information on the criminal process.
  3. A victim has the right to information pertaining to counseling assistance available to her/him.
  4. A victim has the right to assistance throughout the student conduct process, including the right to have an advisor present at all proceedings.
  5. A victim has the right to due process protections including the right to written notification of a hearing, the right to hear all information presented, the right to present information and witnesses, the right to notification of the final results of a hearing (for victims of crimes of violence or non-forcible sexual offenses).
  6. A victim has the right to testify from another location as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of the accused student to have a fair hearing.
  7. A victim has the right to have any unrelated past behavior excluded from the hearing process. The student conduct body shall determine what constitutes unrelated behavior.
  8. A victim has the right to provide a written impact statement to the student conduct body.  The victim impact statement will remain a part of the record through all levels of appeal.  
  9. A victim has the right to not have his/her identity released by the College student conduct process in relation to campus and other media, and from all other uninvolved parties.
  10. A victim has the right to expect to be free from intimidation and harassment throughout the student conduct process.
  11. A victim has the right to request that campus personnel take the necessary steps reasonably available to prevent unwanted contact or proximity with an alleged assailant(s). This could include modification of living arrangements and/or class schedule.
  12. In cases where the victim is a victim of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape and/or sexual violence only, the victim has the right to appeal the finding or sanction as described in Section Fourteen, Appeals. [Note: The campus Title IX Coordinator can be reached as a resource via the President's Office.]

SUNY Cortland Title IX Coordinator

Nan Pasquarello

  Title IX Coordinator

Miller Building, Room 404

(607) 753-4550

For more information, please consult Code Section Eleven, Victim's Rights and/or obtain a Victim's Rights brochure in the Student Conduct Office.