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All of the forms listed below are in a series of PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these files. If you are visually impaired and using a screen reader, you may need to download the latest Acrobat Reader from Access Adobe. If you are unable to access the information, please phone the Human Resources Office at 607-753-2302 to request a printed version of these items.

Some of the forms may also be available in MS Word format. Some of the documents available in MS Word were established in 'form' format. Tab through the shaded fields to complete the document. You can then save the document to your local drive by going to the file menu and 'Save As' a word document. If you have 'Quick View' installed on your computer, some of the MS Word documents may not open properly. 

ADA Position Description  (PDF | Word) 

Alternative Work Schedules (AWS) - CSEA, PEF, UUP Professionals, M/C 
AWS Application Form (PDF |Word
AWS Appeal Form (PDF |Word)

Benefits Forms 

PS-404 - NYS Health Insurance Transaction Form (PDF | Word) 

Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) -
Use this form to increase or decrease your supplemental retirement savings (PDF | Word)
amount (403b) to TIAA-CREF, ING, Valic, MetLife, or Fidelity 

Worker's Comp Injury/Illness Reporting Form (PDF | Word)
Leave Enhancement Form (PDF | Word)
Phased Retirement Application (PDF | Word 
Phased Retirement Assignment/Work Schedule (PDF | Word)     

Leave Forms
Form and Preferred Paper Color

Blood Leave Donation Form (pink) (PDF |Word)

Cancer Screening Form (Breast Cancer or Prostate Cancer Screening) (green) (PDF |Word)

Sabbatical Leave Request Form (PDF)

Appointment/Reappointment Forms
Form and Preferred Paper Color

Appeal Form - Waiver of Search Denial (PDF | Word)
Form 2 - Fill or Re-classify Classified Position Form (green) (PDF | Word)
Form 6 - Abbreviated Re-appt. Form - FT: Professionals (yellow) (PDF | Word)
Form 7 - Abbreviated Re-appt. Form - PT: Academic Professionals, GA's/TA's (yellow) (PDF | Word)
Form 7a - Abbreviated Re-appt. Form PT: Coaches (yellow) (PDF | Word)
Form 8 - Affirmative Action Search Final Report (PDF | Word)
Form 9 - Classified Support Staff Hiring Report (PDF | Word)
Form 10 - Appt. Recommendation for Temp. Help: 16 wks (yellow) (PDF | Word)
Form 11 - Extra Service/Also Receives (yellow) (PDF | Word)
Extra Service Guidelines - Statewide Guidelines (PDF | Word)
Extra Service Payroll Voucher (PDF)
Form 13 - Volunteer Appointment Form(yellow) (PDF | Word)

Management Confidential (MC) Evaluation Forms
Form and Preferred Paper Color 

MC- Performance Program (PDF | Word)
MC- Evaluation (PDF | Word)
MC- Secondary Source (PDF | Word

Recall Request/Authorization Form for UUP Professionals (PDF)

UUP Professional Evaluation Forms
Form and Preferred Paper Color 

UUP - Performance Program (PDF | Word)
UUP - Performance Evaluation (PDF | Word)
UUP - Secondary Source (PDF | Word)
UUP - Modification to Performance Program (blue) (PDF | Word)

UUP Professional Salary Increase or Promotion 
Form and Preferred Paper Color  

UUP - Instructions and Procedures (PDF | Word)
UUP - Guidelines (PDF | Word)
UUP - Request for Review for Salary or Promotion Appendix A (blue) (PDF | Word)
UUP - Request for Appeal of Salary or Promotion Appendix B (blue) (PDF | Word)

UUP PDA (Formerly DSI) Information for 2014 Distributions

PDA Supervisor Supplemental Rating Form (PDF | Word)  

UUP Space Available Forms
Cortland Employees Attending Cortland - Form
 Non-Cortland Employees Attending Cortland - Form

Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule (VRWS)  

Classified VRWS Application Form 2014-2015 (PDF | Word)
Classified VRWS Application Form 2015-2016 (PDF | Word)

UUP VRWS Application Form (PDF | Word)  

Change in Professional Obligation Request Form (PDF |Word)

Loan of College Property Form (PDF |Word)

Cellular Phone Allowance Form (PDF |Word)

Confidentiality - Agreements for Employees/Volunteers/Interns

FERPA Records Fill in the Blank Statement (PDF |Word)

General Records Fill in the Blank Statement (PDF |Word)