EAP Committee

Your local EAP Committee exists to improve the quality of work life for employees at SUNY Cortland. The committee works with the coordinators to ensure that employees have effective EAP services available to them. The committee functions in a promotional and supervisory capacity. It sponsors programs and training for the campus and offers ongoing support to the EAP coordinators. Committee members are not involved in any activities requiring direct contact with employees who come for help. In order to ensure confidentiality, committee members are not even aware of the individuals who are using the program.

SUNY Cortland EAP Committee Officers

Athena Vunk-Moynihan,  Extended Learning Office, 607-753-5643 (committee chair)
Julie Randall, Athletics Department, 607-753-4953 (committee vice-chair)

Linda Crompton, Purchasing Office, 607-753-2305 (committee treasurer)

Maere Vunk, International Programs Office, 607-753-2209 (committee secretary)

Employee Assistance Program

JoAnna Tobias

Office hours are by appointment

24-hour answering machine