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Basic Equipment Control Guidelines

One person in each department should be designated to monitor and report on College property assigned to their department. Primarily this involves an annual inventory and occasional communication with the Property Control Office, usually requiring a total of 2-3 hours annually.

  • No tagged College property should be moved to another building or office without the knowledge of the department designee. This person is to report any relocations to the Property Control office using the appropriate form.
  • Equipment that is frequently loaned out for short periods, to multiple users should be tracked using a simple system such as a sign out/in sheet.
  • Items purchased by the department that are received without a barcode tag should be reported immediately to the Property Control Office. Generally most purchases come through Central Receiving and are tagged, but occasionally items are direct delivered. Someone from the Property Control office will come and tag these items and record the necessary identification information.
  • No tagged College property should ever be disposed of by the department. Property disposal should always be done by, or in conjunction with the Property Control Office, with the necessary signed documentation.
  • Most items inventoried include office equipment-computers, monitors, audio visual equipment, and specialized items such as laboratory equipment or PE equipment that falls within the State price guidelines ($500 or greater) and reasonable risk assessment (portability, desirability, usability, salability, previous theft). Currently, most furniture and consumable supplies are not tracked within this system.