Students who major in geology may earn a bachelor of science degree in programs in Geology (GLY) or Adolescence Earth Science Education (AES). Within the Geology bachelor's program, they may choose a Concentration in Environmental Science (GLY-ENVS) or Water Resources (GLY-WRES). In the Adolescence Earth Science degree program (AES) students combine courses in the Geology major with a professional sequence leading to qualification for certification as teachers of High School Earth Science, Environmental Science, or Middle School General Science. Academic credit may be earned for field trips and internships which are open to qualified students in all programs. The Department of Geology also participates in the Earth and Sky Program for freshman involving immersion in courses in Astronomy and Geology, as a focus for entrance into one of these science majors.

Adolescence Education: Earth Science (7-12) [AES]

This major in the Geology Department leads to New York state certification to teach earth science in grades 7-12.

Career Potential

  • Earth science teacher (7-12)
  • Naturalist/interpreter

Program Details for Adolescence Education: Earth Science (7-12) [AES]

Geology [GLY]

This liberal arts major in the Geology Department provides a solid foundation in the geological sciences. The program is designed to meet the current market demands for professional geologists as well as requirements of graduate programs in geology.

Career Potential

  • Geologic consulting
  • Research or academic scientist
  • Mining and petroleum exploration
  • State and federal agencies

Program Details for Geology [GLY]

Geology Minor

Geology Department
Bowers Hall, Room 342

Program Details for Geology Minor

Geology: Concentration in Environmental Science [GLY/ENVS]

This major in the Geology Department with a concentration in environmental science provides a broad-based program designed to meet the professional and graduate school demands of environmental geoscientists.

Career Potential

  • Environmental geoscientist
  • Consulting geoscientist
  • Hydrogeologist

Program Details for Geology: Concentration in Environmental Science [GLY/ENVS]