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Summer Field Geology Programs

Summer Field Geology Programs

Field geology courses at the Brauer Education Center are intensive, project-oriented experiences designed to instruct students in the use of basic field methods and equipment, and develop their skills of observation, interpretation, synthesis, and graphic presentation of geologic data. Our field camp has a student-staff ratio of 10:1 or less, which provides quality field instruction and supervision plus individual assistance as needed, as well as constructive support and advisement during evening hours when field projects are compiled. See the schedule below for information about course length and credits earned.

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Geology Department

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Are you interested in studying the environment in all its aspects – rock, water, air, soil? If so, then the Geology Department at SUNY Cortland offers you a high-quality education with state-of-the-art facilities and numerous field study options. Our graduates study, work and teach on the highest mountains and in the deepest oceans of the earth.

As a geology student you will complete a program of traditional course work then choose to concentrate in environmental science or water resources, or combine courses in the major leading to initial certification as a secondary school teacher of earth science.

Nearly every course has a field experience where you can work in the environment studying with faculty on research projects. The Brauer Education Center, our field station near Albany, will be at your disposal for courses and weekend outings.

Upon graduation you can qualify for graduate school admission or employment in both the private and public sector. There are currently numerous opportunities with consulting firms dealing with environmental problems and major construction projects.

Earth and Sky Program

Earth and Sky is a unique opportunity for first-year students at SUNY Cortland to take classes together as a group interested in exploring the natural sciences.

Earth and Sky is not a major, but a way of grouping courses with overlapping interests together into a first semester program. The courses focus on the natural, earth, and environmental sciences and space science.

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The Geology Club at Cortland is very active and offers students an informal avenue to share experiences. The Geology Club also offers yearly excursions to points of geological interest such as mineral collecting trips in the Adirondack Mountains or local excursions to collect fossils.

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