Resources for College Supervisors

Resources for the College Supervisor

Please let us know if we can supply your with any other resources or links while you are in the field.
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${file.getExtension()} file supevaluationofst.pdf
Docssupervisorshandin (COPY)
10 kb Jun 9, 2010
${file.getExtension()} file supervisorlog.pdf
Supervisorlog (COPY)
12 kb Jun 9, 2010
${file.getExtension()} file docssupervisorshandin.pdf
Supevaluationofst (COPY)
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${file.getExtension()} file CECEDepartmentDispositionsform.pdf
CECEDepartmentDispositionsform (COPY)
28 kb Jun 9, 2010

Field Placement Office Need mileage forms, new student information sheets. Field Placement will assist.

My Red Dragon Portal Log In Please use this portal for all student teacher evaluations mid-point and final. To submit mid-term and final grades. This is also for access to Banner, Cortland Web Mail and eLearning.

Directions for DRFs Use

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${file.getExtension()} file DRF_Directions_Early_Childhood_and_Ealry_Childhood_Dual.pdf
DRF Directions Early Childhood And Ealry Childhood Dual (COPY)
37 kb Jun 9, 2010
${file.getExtension()} file DRF_Directions_Childhood_BS_and_MST.pdf
DRF Directions Early Childhood And Ealry Childhood Dual (COPY)
66 kb Jun 9, 2010

General Directions for Specific Requirements in the DRF Areas This document holds directions for: 1) Seeing the Complete DRF from the Evaluator tab in Taskstream, 2) Directions for Disposition Submission, 3) Directions for Final Portfolio Submission, and 4) Directions for Completion of NAEYC Student Teaching Evaluation for all Early Childhood or Early Childhood with Childhood Certificate.

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${file.getExtension()} file Directions_for_Specific_components_in_the_DRFs.pdf
Directions For Specific Components In The DRFs (COPY)
78 kb Jun 9, 2010