Student Reflections

 "If it wasn't for Liberty, I would be failing because before I joined Liberty, I didn't care that much for my education. Liberty opened my eyes and made me realize that if I don't have an education, then I won't get very far in life and for that I am entirely indebted to Liberty for making me realize that." 
— Jacob T., Groton High School

 "I saw a change in myself after I began being part of the LPP. My whole attitude towards life changed. I started to do better in school and going to most of my tutoring sessions just because I knew it would help. This program is the reason that I will be attending college in the  fall semester, and the reason I am trying to better my life."
 Felicia B., Groton High School

 "When I was asked to be in the Liberty Program I was nearly knocked off my feet. At this day and age, I have been given so many opportunities to explore the future and become successful. I want to make sure to take every opportunity I get."
 Paige R., Groton High School

"I have been a member of LPP since 7th  grade and feel that the program has helped me be a better student. I have also made new friends through LPP. I have gotten the chance to do some special activities after school with LPP."
 Falesha C., Tully High School

"I enjoyed the field trips with going to different places and getting good food."
 Dylan, Lansing High School

"(LPP) helps to get work done and the trips to colleges have helped me to decide where I wanted to go and what to look for in a college."
 Colleen, Lansing High School

"LPP helped me excel in school and get work done. I like the friends I've made and all the college visits we went on."
 Danielle, Lansing High School

"Being a part of LPP helped me focus on school work." 
 Vanessa, Lansing High School