Moravia Regional Institute

Moravia Regional Institute: Saturday, April 7, 2018 9:00-11:15am

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9:10-10:00   Workshop 1 - your choice of 3 college related topics

10:10-11:15 Workshop 2- your choice of 3 career related topics

Workshop 1 Choices:

College Vocabulary: It is never too early to learn about the way of life on a college campus.  This workshop will help you begin to learn the vocabulary you will use while on campus.  What does a registrar do?  Who are my advisors?  What is registration?  Who has to verify their financial aid?  Does everyone have to accept their charges? Every semester?

SAT and ACT Prep:  How do I know which test to take?  Will I be better at one than the other? What is the difference between to two exams?  When and where do I take them?  Getting ready for college has many parts to it.  Understanding the entrance exams is just one piece.  Come learn about how to get ready and much more.

Help I Have a Bad Teacher!  Have you ever felt like you have the worst teacher in the world?  Well maybe you do, maybe your don’t but nonetheless, you have to learn.  In college and in high school you will come across situations that do not meet your ideal learning needs.  So how do you move forward?  Don’t let this type of situation lead to failure or a grade that is less than satisfactory.  Tips, strategies and resources will be shared. 

College Search: Creating a list of colleges you are interested in can seem very overwhelming.  This workshop will help get you  started by exploring the different types of colleges, their qualities and how to decide which ones to visit.  Leave with some  tools in hand to use throughout your college search process.


Workshop 2 Choices:

Engineering: A panel of professors and engineers will highlight their experience and career path to the present day.  Feel free to come with questions.

Veterinary Careers:  Ever dream of working with animals, but not sure you really want to be a vet?  Come learn about how to become a vet, if that is your goal but also learn about other ways to include animals in your daily work.

Architectural Studies:  This workshop will again include experts from the area to help you understand what is involved in this career cluster.  College majors will also be explored.


  • Time: 9:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Location: Moravia High School
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