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Vicki Johnson

Welcome to Campus Ministry at SUNY Cortland.

† Have you been part of a church youth group?
† Did you grow up Presbyterian? Episcopal? UCC? Lutheran? UMC?
† Do you attend a non-denominational church?
† Are you spiritual but not really religious?
† Do you hope to participate in mission projects while you are at college?
† Are you willing to think deeply about life and faith and what is most important to you?

If you have said “yes” to any of these, then you have found the right page, and you should know that we are waiting for you at the Cortland Interfaith Center!

Rev. Vicki Johnson is the Protestant Campus Minister and director of our Interfaith Center. She is the pastor and spiritual advisor for students, staff and faculty of Christian tradition and for those who do not claim a specific faith tradition but who seek meaning in life. Vicki is a resource person for all people of faith and she can help you find a faith (or non-faith) community that fits your particular needs and interests.

These are important years in your life. You are defining who you are on many levels. What do you believe? What is most important to you? What is God nudging you to become?

Vicki says, "You are not alone. I’m available to talk whenever you want to discuss life or faith – or you just need someone to listen to you. I’ll be around campus, and I have an office in the Interfaith Center, across the street from the Dowd Fine Arts Center. Come on in and say hello!” 

Vicki is always available to students who need a compassionate listener. She can be reached at 607-753-1002 or 607-624-9940 (cell/text). You also can contact her via email at

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