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SUNY Cortland Campus Ministries: Protestant Services

Protestant Campus Ministry

Protestant Chaplain, Vicki JohnsonVicki Johnson is our Protestant chaplain. As such, she is the pastor and spiritual advisor for students, staff and faculty of mainline Protestant denominations such as Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, UMC, UCC, etc. She is also concerned about those who do not claim a specific faith tradition, but who seek meaning in life.

She says, “You are not alone! I’m available to talk whenever you want to discuss life or faith – or you just want someone to listen to you.  I’ll be around campus, and I have an office in the Interfaith Center, across the street from the Dowd Fine Arts Center, near the ‘top’ of the campus. I’ve been waiting all my life to meet you!” 

These are important years in your life. You are defining who you are on many levels.  What do you believe? What is most important to you? What is God, or the Universe or whatever name you use for a Higher Power, nudging you to become? Be sure to introduce yourself to Chaplain Vicki, and get started in the conversation.


The call for the Protestant campus pastor is to be a visible presence of Jesus Christ for the students, faculty and staff at SUNY Cortland. Vicki is always available to students who need a compassionate listener. She can be reached at 607-753-1002 or 607-423-4655. You also can contact her via email at


Interested in volunteering? There is a strong Habitat for Humanity group which is very active. For more information, call Chaplain Vicki.
Interested in weekly worship? There are LOTS of options available:

  • There is a campus-wide opportunity for worship in the Interfaith Center on Wednesday at noon (we’ll start at 12:05). The format will change, but each service will last about 30 minutes and include time to pray for our whole campus family.
  • The student group, AGAPE holds weekly worship on Thursday evenings. You can access their contact information from the SGA listing of student groups.
  • There is an extensive list of local congregations with their times of worship. Vicki can help get you connected.
  • Got an idea? Share it with Vicki!

Interested in Bible Study? Contact Vicki about the possibilities.