Costs/Financial Aid

What are the costs associated with the program?


Tuition rates are adjusted each year. View current tuition rates.

Here is an example, if you were to attend using the Spring 2020 tuition rates:

Number of credits

NY Resident Graduate Tuition

Non-Resident Graduate Tuition

3 (one course) $1,413 $2,889*
6 (two courses) $2,826 $5,778*
9 (three courses) $4,239 $8,667*

*Before Future New Yorker Grant is applied; see below


Many fees are waived since you are in this program. Here is an example of fees from Spring 2020:


3 credits

6 credits

9 credits

College Fee




Student Activity Fee




Technology Fee ($16.65 per credit hr)




Student Health Fee




Intercollegiate Athletics Fee




Student Life Fee




Transportation Fee




Transcript Fee




Total fees for semester




You can learn more about fees.

Is financial aid available?

If you are admitted to the certificate program, you are a matriculated student and are eligible to apply for financial aid. Learn more about financial aid and how to apply.

What is the Future New Yorker grant?

The SUNY Cortland Future New Yorker Grant is available to matriculated non-resident graduate students attending SUNY Cortland. This grant provides financial support to ease the cost of non-resident tuition. Learn more about the Future New Yorker grant. 

What is the NCTRC Scholarship?

NCTRC recognizes the achievements of those who seek to advance their knowledge and professional competency to improve the quality of recreational therapy services. Individuals may apply for an NCTRC Scholarship for full or partial reimbursement of funds associated with successful completion (earned grade of C or better) of academic credit generating course(s) completed within the past 12 months. Academic courses must lead to application for Professional Eligibility, recertification of their CTRS® credential, Area of Specialization Designation, progress toward advancement of a degree in TR/RT, or enhanced recreational therapy knowledge to provide improved quality of care. Learn how to apply here.

What if I am a non-matriculated student (not admitted to the program)?

You are not eligible for financial aid or the Future New Yorker grant. Instead of being billed for your tuition, you must pay when you register. You register using an alternate registration process.

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