Course descriptions

What courses are included in the Therapeutic Recreation Online Graduate Certificate Program? 

  • REC 603 - Historical, Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives of Recreation and Leisure (3 cr)
  • REC 604 - Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation (3 cr)
  • REC 530 – TR Process I: Assessment (3 cr)
  • REC 533 – TR Process II: PIE (3 cr)
  • REC 535 – TR Interventions I (3 cr)
  • REC 536  - TR Interventions II (3 cr)
  • REC 538 – Design and Administration of TR Services (3 cr)

See the Graduate Catalog for a detailed description of each course.

How do these graduate courses align to the NCTRC requirements?

These courses are designed to meet the academic requirements for therapeutic recreation content courses. The curriculum focuses on these areas in relation to the NCTRC Exam Content 2014:

REC 603 and 604 (20 percent of NCTRC Exam)

  • Theories and concepts
  • Practice guidelines
  • Diagnostic groupings</li

REC 530, 533, 535, and 536 (63 percent of the NCTRC Exam)

  • Assessment selection and implementation
  • Assessment domains
  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Facilitation

REC 538 (17 percent of the NCTRC Exam)

  • TR service delivery
  • Administrative tasks
  • Advancement of TR/RT
  • Professionalism

How are the online courses scheduled?

The courses can be completed in two semesters (nine credit hours per semester), plus one course in winter intercession, or spread out over time.

Professionals could take just one or a few courses to maintain national certification or the entire online graduate certificate program.

Here are the yearly scheduled offerings of the six courses: 

Fall Semester:

  • REC 603 (full semester)
  • REC 604 (first half semester)
  • REC 530 (second half semester)

Winter Intercession:

  • REC 535 (winter session II, ten days in length)

Spring Semester:

  • REC 533 (first 5 weeks of semester)
  • REC 536 (second 5 weeks of semester)
  • REC 538 (third 5 weeks of semester)

Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates each semester.

Learn more about NCTRC

Detailed information about the requirements you must meet to apply for the national certification exam can be found on the NCTRC website. Any specific questions you have about the CTRS national certification should be asked directly with NCTRC. 

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