Spring 2021 Guide and COVID-19 information


Undergraduate Majors

View the complete list of the teacher education undergraduate programs as well as the degrees awarded for each program. All undergraduate teacher education programs are for initial certification.

Adolescence Education

Biology (7-12)—B.S.

Chemistry (7-12)—B.S.   

Earth Science (7-12)—B.S.     

English (7-12)—B.A.                             

French (7-12)—B.A. 

French/Spanish (7-12)—B.A.

Mathematics (7-12)—B.A./B.S.                

Physics (7-12)—B.A./B.S.  

Physics and Mathematics (7-12)—B.A./B.S.  

Social Studies (7-12)—B.A. Requires dual major with one of eight social sciences majors

Spanish (7-12)—B.A. 

Childhood Education (1-6)—B.S.

Early Childhood & Childhood Education (B-6)—B.S.

Early Childhood Education (B-2)—B.S. 

Health Education (K-12)—B.S.         

Inclusive Childhood Education (1-6) Education—B.S.

Physical Education (K-12)—B.S.    

Speech and Language Disabilities (K-12)—B.S.

Teaching English as a Second Language (K-12)—B.A.

Graduate Programs

View the complete list of teacher education graduate programs.

Adolescence Education

Biology (7-12)—M.A.T. Initial Certification

Chemistry (7-12)—M.A.T. Initial Certification

English (7-12)—M.A.T. Initial Certification

Mathematics (7-12)—M.A.T. Initial Certification

Physics (7-12)—M.A.T. Initial Certification

Childhood Education (1-6)—M.S.T. Initial Certification

Health Education—M.S.T. Initial Certification

Health Education—M.S.ED. Professional Certification

Literacy (B-6 and 5-12)—M.S.ED. Professional Certification

Physical Education – Certification in PE—M.S.ED. Professional Certification

Physical Education Leadership—M.S.ED. Professional Certification

Teaching Students with Disabilities (1-6 and 7-12)—M.S.ED. Professional Certification