Myths and Misconceptions

  • Only "sickies" go to counselors. A medieval idea! Life has its ups and downs for everyone. If you hit a slump, you have the opportunity to take some positive action and visit our office. We believe that's a step toward personal growth.
  • Counselors=Shrinks.What exactly is a "shrink'? If it refers to a psychiatrist, we don't claim to have those credentials. First, counselors are people. Our training is in the broad area of human relations; our function is to help you help yourself.
  • Once you see one counselor, you've seen them all. This is as true as the statement, "All people are the same." Try not to let your past experiences with counselors color your expectations of us. We are in no way involved in disciplinary or authoritarian types of activities. Each counselor is different. So, if you don't happen to click with one individual, you can always see another member of our staff.
  • Counselors have all the answers. Impossible! We don't try to play God, and we don't pretend to offer you pat solutions. You are the only person who can really decide upon a satisfactory answer to your problem. But, we do feel we may be able to help you in that discovery process. If we can't, we'll find someone who can.

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