Workshop Tracking for Teacher Education

Mandated Workshop Header

Workshop Registration and Fees

The Child Abuse and Maltreatment and Neglect (formerly, Child Abuse Identification and Reporting) workshop, the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (formerly, School Violence Prevention and Intervention) workshop and the Dignity for All Students Act may be enrolled during normal periods of pre-registration, the drop and add period and the quarter drop and add periods.  Courses must also be withdrawn during the normal withdrawal periods.

Course fees are not refundable after the workshop begins. Other enrollment and fee deadlines may apply, and appear in the  course notes. The schedule and course notes may be found on the public schedule of classes.

Workshop registration is only open to matriculated SUNY Cortland students in certification programs.

Workshop Recording

The Registrar's Office tracks and records mandated workshops for teacher education programs on the transcript for use by certifying agencies, schools and the College.  

The Child Abuse and Maltreatment and Neglect workshop, the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education  workshop and the Dignity for All Students Act workshops are recorded on both the unofficial (myRedDragon) and the official transcript. You can learn more on the Teacher Education site.

TEACH Account

In order to graduate from a teacher certification program, students are currently required to complete all 3 mandated NYSED workshops. Once you have applied for certification and the institution has made a recommendation, it signals NYSED to review the application process and indicates CAR, SAVE and DASA are complete.

Transcripts and Degree Audits

Students can confirm that workshops are printed on the official transcript, and that they have been received and recorded by the College by viewing the unofficial transcript in myRedDragon. The workshops will be listed in the transcript summaries or as courses (CAR 100/500, SAVE 100/500, DASA 100/500). 

Undergraduate Students: Degree Works

Undergraduate students will be able to review workshop completion information within their degree requirement blocks in Degree Works.  

Car SAVE and DASA on DW

Graduate Students: CAPP

Workshops tracking is located on the graduate student CAPP audit for the purposes of determining degree completion.   Graduate students only will utilize CAPP for degree progress tracking starting in Fall 2014. Undergraduate students will refer to Degree Works.


Because DASA is a new requirement, it will be listed as a standard course requirement on CAPP audits, versus a notation at the top of the audit.  

DASA Screenshot