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Workshop Tracking for Teacher Education

Mandated Workshop Header

Mandated Workshops

The Registrar's Office is required to track and represent mandated workshops for teacher education programs on the transcript for use by certifying agencies, schools and the College.  

The Child Abuse and Maltreatment and Neglect (formerly, Child Abuse Identification and Reporting) workshop, the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (formerly, School Violence Prevention and Intervention) workshop and the Dignity for All Students Act workshops are recorded on both the unofficial (myRedDRagon) and the official transcript. You can learn more on the Teacher Education site.

On The Transcript

Students can confirm that workshops are printed on the official transcript, and that they have been received and recorded by the College by viewing the unofficial transcript in myRedDragon.  The workshops will be listed in the transcript summary as shown below.  The DASA workshops will be immediately listed on transcripts.

DASA Reporting

On the CAPP Audit (Degree Completion Tracking)

Workshops tracking is also located on the CAPP audit for the purposes of determining degree completion.  Effective in Fall 2014, workshops will also appear on Degree Works, the new student degree audit system.


Because DASA is a new requirement, it must be listed as a standard course requirement on CAPP audits, versus a notation at the top of the audit.  By early March all current DASA data should appear on the CAPP audit for students, in addition to the transcript.

DASA Screenshot