CAPP Reports

What is CAPP?

The SUNY Cortland Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) tool is the primary tool that undergraduate and graduate students use to track progress made toward the completion of a degree. In addition to being a personal planning tool, the report may be used in consultation with a faculty adviser to make scheduling and course selection decisions. The CAPP report will provide critical information about your degree progress, and will show you which program requirements are remaining.

What Can You Do With CAPP Reports?

The CAPP report is designed to help you visualize your progress toward your degree and graduation. CAPP will provide you with a great deal of academic detail and information. Use CAPP to review your record to determine which courses remain to be completed in your degree program, including:

  • College Requirements
  • General Education Requirements
  • Major Requirements
  • Minor Requirements
  • Exam Completion
  • ...Other Requirements

CAPP reports also include your GPA information, your credit hour count, and shows you how in-progress courses are being used toward your degree. Your CAPP report will also help you confirm who your adviser is, and will list your current academic standing. 

Additionally, if you have not declared a major - or you are simply thinking of adding or changing a major or degree program - you can use CAPP to conduct a "What If?" degree evaluation. A "What If?" evaluation gives you the ability to see how your current and completed coursework may apply toward any program at SUNY Cortland.

How Do I Use CAPP?

CAPP is accessed through myRedDragon.  Within myRedDragon, you are able to run a CAPP report any time by navigating to the STUDENT tab and selecting CAPP in the Registrar's Resource area.  For more information on understanding and interpreting your CAPP report, please review the following resources: