Business Cards

All orders for business cards and other official printed College material must adhere to the graphics standards.

Business cards are available to current College faculty and staff for business use only. Personal information, such as home address, home phone or cell phone numbers are only available for individuals who work off campus, such as student teaching supervisors and emeritus faculty and staff.

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  • Names: The name listed on an employee's business card is generated by information from human resources. A shortened form such as Ted for Theodore may be used if that is the name the person generally uses. Nicknames are unacceptable.
  • Class Years: Alumni are encouraged to include their class year(s).
  • Titles: The campus or budget title is the primary title on a business card and is required. Additional titles can be added upon approval. Prepositions in titles are avoided due to space limitations.
  • Phone Numbers: Generally office and fax are numbers are listed. Cell phone numbers paid with College funds may be included upon request.
  • Email Address: There is no exception to using the official College email address unless the employee works off campus such as a student teaching supervisor.
  • Web addresses:
    • Cortland URLs no longer require http:// or www.
    • Department URLs can be used in place of the College's address
    • Personal Web addresses may be added to the employee's online directory listing
  • Social Media Information: Official College Facebook and Twitter addresses may be used on business cards.
  • Emeritus Cards: The College will process orders for emeritus faculty who wish to pay for their own business cards. They will be billed by the vendor. Information that may be included:
    • Campus office, phone, address and Cortland email address
    • Personal address and phone but Cortland email address

Paper Stock

Accent Opaque White Smooth 80-lb. cover.

Sample Business Cards

Please note that area codes are written without parentheses — 607-753-2011.

Option 1

Standard three-line business card

Business Card - option 1

Option 2

Standard four-line business card

Business card - option 2

Option 3

For individuals who have more than one title

Business card - option 3

Option 4

For individuals who require a College-issued
cell phone number listed

Business Card - option 4

Option 5

For individuals who work off campus,
such as student teacher supervisors

Business Card - option 5

Option 6

For individuals who need two Web addresses listed

Business card - option 6

Option 7

Custom card. Contact the Marketing Office for assistance.