Standards for Monuments

Monuments or memorials can be permanent pieces of public outdoor art, sculpture, landscape enhancements or other civic improvements whose primary purpose is to honor a person, group, event or other significant contribution to the College. Some examples are a plaque, bust, sculpture, statuary or fountain, a landscape feature such as a garden or grove, or a building or similar architectural feature. 

Policy Administration

All requests for monuments for SUNY Cortland, including the location of and designs for all monuments throughout the College, will be reviewed. The scope of considerations made shall include exterior and interior permanent, commemorative and decorative works of art such as memorials, class gifts and sculptures.

Design Standards

Any proposals for new monuments must conform to SUNY Cortland policies and design standards related to signage and graphics and the master plan maintained by the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Office.


An official list of all official designations and locations of monuments shall be maintained in the Vice President for Institutional Advancement Office.


Proposals for Monuments

Proposals may be made by college departments, alumni classes, “Friends” groups or any group, organization or individual from within or outside the College.

Submission of Proposals

Proposals must first be submitted to the appropriate dean, director or department supervisor, who may then recommend it to the vice president for institutional advancement for review. If approved, the vice president shall forward proposals to the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Office.

Funding Source

The source of funding must be identified as part of the proposal.