1. All new College banners and display locations must be approved by the SUNY Cortland Marketing Committee.

Banners are made of cloth, vinyl or other material and contain text and/or graphics. Banners are usually hung on a wall, a pole or draped over a table but may not be limited to these types of display.

Poster or paper printed displays must follow policies in the College Handbook - 440.07: Facility Use Terms and Conditions.

2. All new banners must include an approved version of the College logo and comply with the SUNY Cortland Communication Guide Logos and Graphic Elements.

3. Proposed banners, replete with designs and copy, should be sent in digital format to, by fax to 607-753-5789 or by mail to Marketing Office, Brockway Hall, Room 207-G.

The banner proposal must include:

a.  A description of the event being publicized, including the date(s) of the event if appropriate

b. A detailed description of where the banner is to be displayed for example: Route 281 Parking Lot, fence facing Route 281; Light pole in front of Dowd Fine Arts Center – facing Miller Building

c.  The dates you want the banner to be displayed

Outdoor pole banners will not be displayed November through March

Banners cannot be displayed longer than one month in advance of an event and must be removed within five weekdays after the event

d. Contact information for the person seeking banner approval including name, address and email or telephone number

Please allow two weeks for a decision to be returned. Plan accordingly.

4. If assistance is needed from Facilities Operations and Services to hang the approved banner on campus, you must submit a separate Work Request Form.