Photo Style

Effective communication requires showing our audience our story rather than simply telling them about it. It’s difficult to hear “momentum.” People need to see it and feel it.

To help build the SUNY Cortland brand, high quality photography is essential. This photography should be used on main imagery within any medium. Whether the subject is the environment, still life or a person, the quality and lighting reflect the quality and tone of our brand.

The primary use of photography should be in full color and should convey the vibrancy and energy necessary to support the momentum concept in all its iterations.

Photography can be used to capture the human element involved in the subject while freezing the specific moment to convey movement and energy. Blurred edges can be effectively used to show speed and can be incorporated into related images.

These photos are examples of images that show momentum and brand attributes.

Viewbook cover photo, blur demonstrates momentum

Children's Museum, Brand attribute - Teacher Education

Brand attriibute, Hands-on LearningStudents moving to class, again, blur helps reinforce momentum

Community Bike Program

Joe's Office Dance

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When possible, subjects should be pushed to a corner or edge of an image to include background context and deliver a more interesting slice-of-the-moment feel.

Student, faculty or staff profile shots should include as much “freeze frame” capture of motion as possible. Every effort should be made to avoid the traditional “smile for the camera” shot.

Alumni should be represented in context and, while not looking directly into the camera,  should be aware that they are being photographed.

While still trying to maintain the same compositional qualities, campus life related images can be literal as well as symbolic.

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