The College offers a wide-range photo database, with a multitude of images from either professional photographers or faculty and staff members. The database has photography ranging from student life, campus beauty, academia, athletics and much more. This campus-wide database is open to the public, so everyone has the ability to view, download and share the photos.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Renee Novelli in the Marketing Office.

Photo Database Directions


SUNY Cortland's photo database houses all photography from 2011 to present. When viewing the entire gallery, photos will appear in order of most to least recently added.


Use the Search text box in the upper right part of your screen below the page header to enter simple text or keywords, or visit the search page for advanced search options.

All searching is completed by using the enter key on your keyboard.

Search results will appear in order of relevance.

Manually Searching

To search by keyword, go the search bar in the upper right part of your screen below the page header and type in a combination of tags, for example Old Main, Façade, Spring, 2018, Kirk Van Zandbergen. Please keep in mind all keywords must be separated by commas with a space.

View the full list of keywords.

Advanced Searching

The advanced search options gives you the ability to search image orientation, date range and from drop-down fields provided. Using drop-downs gives you the opportunity to pick your tags from a list. You can select multiple drop-downs items in one search along with date range and orientation.

Note: Not all keywords are provided in the drop-downs.


You can combine manually entered tags with advanced search options.

Field to Ignore

Type. All files are images.

Downloading an Image

Once you have found the image you want, select it from the search results. This will show a larger version of the photo as well as details and keywords. Use the Download icon on the bottom right of your screen, then select which file type you would like from the drop-down. Original file will download the uncompressed .TIFF file, the highest resolution of that image. If highest resolution isn't needed, select one of the JPEG options.

Field to Ignore

Log In. You do not need a log in to download images.

For Mobile

To search by keyword (manual searching) use the search icon on the top right of your mobile device. Searching is completed by using the enter key on your keyboard.

To access advanced search options, use the slider icon on the bottom left of your mobile device to expand options. When finished, select the slider icon on the bottom left to minimize the advanced search options panel to see the results. Results will populate automatically.

Note: Combinations can not be made on mobile devices.

Photo Style

To help build the SUNY Cortland brand, high quality photography is essential. This photography should be used on main imagery within any medium. Whether the subject is the environment, still life or a person, the quality and lighting reflect the quality and tone of our brand.


Use portrait photography to capture the spirit — the people — of SUNY Cortland. Aim to show subjects in authentic settings with natural expressions. When possible, use natural light. 


From indoor facilities to natural landscapes, use environmental photography to share the full SUNY Cortland student experience. When possible, include human interaction. 


Incorporate detail shots to help viewers experience SUNY Cortland from a close-up perspective. Use a shallow depth of field to create a focal point. 


Color duotones are an effective way to add color and create a neutral backdrop for text and graphics. They should be used sparingly.

Release Forms

SUNY Cortland requires that faculty, staff, alumni and visitors to campus who participate in photo shoots, videos and audio productions sign a release form. Parents/guardians of participants ages 17 and under also must sign the release form.

Photo Release Form (PDF)

Interim Drone Policy

The use of drones for hobby or recreational purposes on SUNY Cortland property is currently not permitted.

The operation of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or drone, is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As a state institution, SUNY Cortland is developing a policy to govern the operation by any person of a drone from, or above, the College's campuses or properties.

Until that policy is finalized and adopted, no recreational drones are allowed over any and all property owned, rented, leased or controlled by SUNY Cortland, the Cortland College Foundation and the Auxiliary Services Corporation.

This policy is established to ensure compliance with ALL applicable laws, reduce safety risks and preserve the security and privacy of members of all members of the SUNY Cortland community.

In the event that the use of a drone on SUNY Cortland property is necessary to fulfill an academic, research, or commercial purpose, the interested party(s) must contact Director of Communications Frederic Pierce ( Interested parties will be required to complete a “UAS Request for Permission Form”

Any violations of law (trespassing, illegal surveillance, reckless endangerment) or violations of College policies may result in criminal and/or disciplinary action. Students of the SUNY Cortland community who violate this policy will be subject to the Code of Student Conduct. Drone operators will be held responsible for all injuries or damage caused by a drone flying in violation of this interim policy.