President's Council

Amy Berg, Associate Provost, Information Resources

Erik J. Bitterbaum, President

Matthew Clark, Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement

John Cottone, Dean, School of Professional Studies

David Duryea, Vice President, Finance and Management

Gary Evans, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Christopher Kuretich, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs

Andrea Lachance, Dean, School of Education

Virginia B. Levine, Executive Assistant to the President

R. Bruce Mattingly, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Mary K. Murphy, Associate Vice President, Finance and Management

Nasrin Parvizi. Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Nanette Pasquarello, Title IX Coordinator, President's Office

Peter Perkins, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Frederic Pierce, Director, Communications Office

Mark Prus, Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs

Greg Sharer, Vice President, Student Affairs

Michael Sgro, Executive Director, Alumni Engagement

Carol Van Der Karr, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Mark Yacavone, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management