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Training and Development

Training and Development Policy


Upcoming On-Campus Trainings organized by the Human Resources Office

NYS & CSEA Skills for Success Program

NYS & CSEA Microsoft Office Certificate Programs

Public Service Workshops Program Offerings - FREE courses on a variety of topics offered across the state including the Central New York Region.  Requires enrolling in NYS-Learn to register. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Training Handout


The College provides a number of mandatory trainings online through its contract with WeComply.  WeComply has a robust catalog of trainings available to the campus as part of our contract and therefore would be available at no cost unless customizations are requested.  Please contact Brent Danega at 607-753-2302 for more information.      


Previous Trainings

The Use of Counseling and Discipline to Improve Employee Productivity - Part 1

The Use of Counseling and Discipline to Improve Employee Productivity - Part 2

CSEA, CSEAP,  M/C, PSWP, L/M Committees Training Opportunities

CSEA, CSEAP, M/C, PSWP, L/M Committees each have additional training and development opportunities available.  Detailed descriptions of these opportunities can be found by following the link (above) to view the programs available.

If you would like any further information regarding any training and development opportunities, please contact Brent Danega at 607-753-2302.

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