Training and Development

The College provides a number of mandatory trainings online through its contract with EverFi. EverFi has a large catalog of trainings available to the campus as part of our contract. For more information please contact Justine Ochs, Human Resources Assistant. 

Why do I need to complete these training modules?

SUNY employees are required to complete some training annually. Different positions will require different training topics, but each module is designed to help you succeed in your role at SUNY Cortland. 

How will I know if I have a training to complete?

Each employee has a user specific login, and can access course assignment here. After logging on, all assignments will be displayed on the home page. 

What other training opportunities are available to me?

CSEA, CSEAP, M/C, PSWP, L/M Committees each have additional training and development opportunities available.  Detailed descriptions of these opportunities can be found by here.

To request a new training you can fill out a training request form. 

Still have questions? 

Please contact Human Resources at 607-753-2302.