Small Grants Program Guidelines

Program Description:  The Cortland College Foundation Small Grants Program provides funding of up to $500 to faculty, staff and students of SUNY Cortland. 

Application Process: Application forms are available from the Faculty Development Center in the Memorial Library. Applications must be reviewed by a supervisor or department chair, the appropriate dean or vice president, and the Faculty Development Committee, before being considered for a final decision by the president of the College.

Applications for funding are accepted once each semester; deadlines are Sept. 30 and Feb. 15.

Faculty are eligible to apply for small grants only once per year. Completed applications should be submitted to the director of the Faculty Development Center, Memorial Library, Room B-303 or via email at

Program Guidelines: Applicants are eligible to apply for one small grant per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

Small Grant awards will only be considered for activities that have not yet occurred. Grants will not be awarded retroactively.

Projects most deserving of small grant support are those that tend to advance the mission of the

College: by enriching the intellectual or cultural life of the campus; promoting professional development of faculty and staff; providing special educational opportunities for students; improving internal and/or external communication at the College; enhancing the image of the College; or accommodating unique or unusual contingencies which fit nowhere else.

Small grant support is not available for scholarships, graduate assistantships, intercollegiate athletics or student organizations that are eligible for funding through other campus sources.

The proposal for small grant funding should include specific details regarding all other sources of funding for the proposed project (both granted and pending). Once approved, original invoices/receipts should be submitted for payment or reimbursement. Payments can be made payable to IFR accounts, ASC Agency Accounts, vendors or individuals.

Program Publicity: If your project involves a public program such as a press release, printed program, publications, conference or public address all public announcements should indicate that the project was supported by the Cortland College Foundation. 

Final Report: Applicants are required to submit a one page report following their funded activity to detail the use of foundation funds and the results of the project. The approval of future foundation small grants will be contingent upon completion of the prior final report.

Revised July 2006

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