Broome Community College

Credit Equivalencies - Broome Community College  

NOTE:  Please refer to the current Cortland course catalog for information regarding major requirements.  1XX, 2XX, 3XX or XXX” – Cortland does not have an equivalent, but student will receive elective credit.  

BCCCreditsCourse Title (BCC)SUNY Cortland


    All general elective credits for Nursing  


ANT 111 Intro to Cultural Anthropology ANT 102
ANT 112 Introduction to Archaeology ANT 103
ANT 113 Introduction to Biological Anthropology ANT 300
ANT 114 Language, Culture and Communications ANT 350
ANT 299 1-3  Independent Study ANT 2XX


ARA 101 Beginning Arabic I ARA 101
ARA 102 Beginning Arabic II ARA 102 


ART 102 History of Western Art I ATH 121
ART 103 History of Western Art II ATH 122
ART 104 History of Asian Art ATH 330
ART 105 Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design ATS 102
ART 106 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design ATS 106
ART 107 Color Theory ATS 1XX
ART 108 History of  Architecture I ATH 1XX
ART 109 History of Architecture II ATH 1XX
ART 110 Modern Art ATH 357
ART 111 History of Decorative Arts: 1600-present ATH 1XX
ART 112 Beginning Photography ATS 114
ART 113 History of Modern Design ATS 1XX
ART 114 History of Art & Human Figure ATS 1XX
ART 115 3 Beginning Drawing ATS 101
ART 116 Painting I ATS 103
ART 117 Basic Metal Working Techniques ATS 1XX
ART 120 Beginning Sculpture ATS 106
ART 125 Introduction to Computer Graphics ATS 202
ART 130 Introduction to Ceramics: Construction and Glazes ATS 104
ART 140 Printmaking ATS 107
ART 146 History of Photography ATH 1XX
ART 150 Perspective Drawing LAS 1XX
ART 151 1-3  Special Topics in Art ATS 1XX
ART 202 Commercial Photography ATS 2XX
ART 203 Intro to Color Photography ATS 2XX
ART 210 Exhibition Planning ATS 2XX
ART 212 Intermediate Photography ATS 2XX
ART 213 Model Building ATS 2XX
ART 214 1-3  Internship GEN 2XX
ART 215 Painting II ATS 203
ART 217 Advanced Drawing ATS 201
ART 222 Advanced Photography ATS 2XX 
ART 225 Illustration LAS 2XX
ART 226 Advanced Computer Imagery LAS 2XX
ART 227 Editorial Design LAS 2XX
ART 228 Animation I ATS 345
ART 230 Producing Public Murals ATS 2XX
ART 298 1-3  Studio Art (Independent Study) ATS 2XX
ART 299 1-3  Art History (Independent Study) ATS 2XX

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling

ASA 110 Intro. To Chemical Dependency Studies HLH 1XX
ASA 210 Chemical Dependency Counseling I LAS 2XX
ASA 220 Chemical Dependency Counseling II LAS 2XX
ASA 230 Family Issues to Chemical Dependency HLH 2XX
ASA 240 Cultural Competencies in Chemical Dependency Counseling LAS 2XX
ASA 250 1 Ethical Principles /Practices in Chemical Dependency Treatment LAS 2XX
ASA 255 Chemical Dependency and the HIV/AIDS Population HLH 2XX
ASA 260 Pharmacology HLH 2XX
ASA 310 Supervised Clinical Internship NO CREDIT
ASA 320 Supervised Clinical Internship NO CREDIT
ASA 260 Pharmacology and Chemical Dependency (1) GEN 2XX

Sign Language

ASL 120 American Sign Language I ASL 101
ASL 220 American Sign Language II ASL 102
ASL 230 American Sign Language III ASL 201

Hotel/Restaurant Management

BHM 101 Basic Nutrition HLH 323
BHM 110 Sanitation and Safety GEN 1XX
BHM 123 Bartending & Beverage Management GEN 1XX 
BHM 125W Hospitality Law GEN 1XX
BHM 127 Kitchen Chemistry LAS 1XX 
BHM 201 Hotel/Restaurant Internship I CPV 400
BHM 216 Quality Food Production GEN 2XX
BHM 230 Front Office Operations Management GEN 2XX
BHM 235 Hotel and Restaurant Cost Control GEN 2XX
BHM 270 Hospitality Managerial Accounting GEN 2XX
BHM 275 Hospitality Catering & Community Service GEN 2XX
BHM 297 Hotel/Restaurant Internship II CPV 400


BIO 090 Preparatory Biology No Credit
BIO 101 Intro Anatomy & Physiology BIO 1XX
BIO 104 4 Health for Haiti
BIO 111 General Biology I BIO 110 (or 201)
BIO 112 General Biology II BIO 111 (or 202)
BIO 115 Ecology of the National Parks SCI 1XX
BIO 117 Principles of Biology I BIO 202 (or 111)
BIO 118 Principles of Biology II BIO 201 (or 110)
BIO 119 3 Art of Science
BIO 120 Human Sexuality HLH 302
BIO 121 Basic Nutrition HLH 323
BIO 131 Human Biology I BIO 301
BIO 132 Human Biology II BIO 302
BIO 140 Pathophysiology (NO LAB) BIO 1XX
BIO 150 General Microbiology BIO 304 or BIO 303
BIO 155 DNA and Biotechnology LAS 1XX
BIO 170-180 1-3  Special Topics in Biology BIO 1XX
BIO 200 Ecology: The Everglades BIO 2XX
BIO 202 Biology Seminar BIO 2XX
BIO 211 Self-Organizing Systems BIO 2XX
BIO 212 Ecology BIO 412
BIO 215 4 Tropical Ecology
BIO 216 Immunology BIO 2XX
BIO 218 Ornithology BIO 2XX
BIO 298 1 Biology Senior Seminar
BIO 299  1-3 Independent Study BIO 2XX

Business Information Management

BIM 110 Systems and Procedures in Business Records Management GEN 1XX
BIM 150 Understanding Electronic Commerce GEN 1XX
BIM 200 Business Records Management GEN 2XX
BIM 290 1-3  Special Topics in BIM GEN 2XX
BIM 299 1-4  Independent Study GEN 2XX

Business Information Technology

BIT 100 Keyboarding GEN 1XX
BIT 101 Computer Keyboarding GEN 1XX
BIT 104 Keyboarding Speed Development GEN 1XX
BIT 105  First Year Experience GEN 1XX 
BIT 106 Electronic Portfolios GEN 1XX
BIT 108 Intro to the PC and Windows CAP 1XX
BIT 110 Business English ENG 2XX
BIT 111 Information Literacy GEN 1XX
BIT 114 Grammar Update ENG 2XX
BIT 120 Document Formatting GEN 1XX
BIT 129 Office Suite Mastery  GEN 1XX
BIT 130 Word Processing Applications CAP 1XX
BIT 140W Business Communications PWR 398
BIT 160 Intro to Computerized Financial Information Process. CAP 1XX
BIT 169 Mastering the Internet and the WWW CAP 1XX
BIT 170 Intro to the Internet CAP 1XX
BIT 171 Internet-Based Research CAP 233
BIT 172 Creating Personal Web Pages CAP 238 or 2XX
BIT 173 Basics of Website Creation CAP 238
BIT 180 Computers and Communications CAP 100 OR 1XX
BIT 182 Designing Effective Web Pages CAP 351
BIT 185 Raster Based Software Tools Web/Print CAP 1XX
BIT 186 Interactive Websites CAP 1XX
BIT 190 Animation for Electronic Media COM 251
BIT 197W 1-3  Cooperative Work Experience CPV or GEN 1XX
BIT 200 Spreadsheets with Business Applications CAP 2XX
BIT 201 Intro to Spreadsheets CAP 2XX
BIT 202 Intermediate Spreadsheets CAP 2XX
BIT 203 Advanced Spreadsheets CAP 2XX
BIT 205 IT for Entrepreneurs CAP 2XX 
BIT 206 IT for Service Industries CAP 2XX 
BIT 210 Machine Transcription GEN 2XX
BIT 240 Desktop Publishing using Indesign CAP 236
BIT 245 Electronic Page Layout using QuarkXpress CAP 2XX
BIT 250 Integrated Microsoft Office CAP 100
BIT 251 Intro to Microsoft Word 

CAP 2XX or

CAP 100

BIT 252 Intro to Microsoft Excel 

CAP 2XX or

CAP 100

BIT 253 Intro to Microsoft Access

CAP 2XX or 

CAP 100

BIT 254 Intro to PowerPoint CAP 2XX
BIT 255 Integrated Business Office Applications CAP 100
BIT 260 Intro to Database Management CAP 350
BIT 265W Project Management GEN 2XX
BIT 266 Visual Web Development CAP 2XX 
BIT 270W Personal & Professional Development Seminar GEN 2XX
BIT 275 Advanced Business Communications ENG 2XX
BIT 280W Office Administration GEN 2XX
BIT 285 Vector-Based Software Tools CAP 2XX or ATS
BIT 286 Database Driven Web Sites CAP 2XX 
BIT 290 1-3 Special Topics in Business Technologies GEN 2XX
BIT 297W 1-3 Internship CPV 400
BIT 299 1-4  Independent Study GEN 2XX


BNK 168 Principles of Banking GEN 1XX
BNK 184 Banking/Real Estate/Mortgage Practicum No credit


BUS 100 Accounting I MGT 254
BUS 101 Accounting II MGT 255
BUS 107 The Freshman Experience CLS 101
BUS 108 Accounting for a Service Business GEN 1XX
BUS 109 Workplace Readiness GEN 1XX
BUS 110 Introduction to Business MGT 1XX
BUS 111 Financial Accounting MGT 254
BUS 112 Quantitative Business Methods ECO 1XX
BUS 113 Introduction of Entrepreneurship MGT 1XX 
BUS 114 Entrepreneurship Law MGT1XX 
BUS 115 Business Statistics ECO 221
BUS 116 International Business Environment ECO 1XX
BUS 118 Business Law I MGT 1XX
BUS 120 Business Law II MGT 265
BUS 122 Self Management MGT 1XX 
BUS 124 Financial Fraud Investigation GEN 1XX 
BUS 128 The Sustainable Business LAS 1XX 
BUS 129 Consumer Behavior GEN 1XX
BUS 131 Personal Finance LAS 1XX
BUS 135 Investments GEN 1XX
BUS 141 Marketing MGT 253
BUS 142 Marketing for the Non-Profit Organization LAS 1XX
BUS 152 Selling Fundamentals GEN 1XX
BUS 156 Real Estate for Salespersons GEN 1XX
BUS 164 Real Estate for Brokers GEN 1XX
BUS 170 Insurance for Agents and Brokers GEN 1XX
BUS 172 NYS Life/Health Insurance Licensing GEN 1XX
BUS 181 The Internet with Business Applications GEN 1XX
BUS 183 Securities Training Series GEN 1XX
BUS 184 Financial and Risk Management Practicum GEN 1XX
BUS 188 Income Tax I GEN 1XX
BUS 190 Marketing and the World Wide Web GEN 1XX
BUS 200 Intermediate Accounting I MGT 2XX
BUS 201 Intermediate Accounting II MGT 2XX
BUS 202 Securities Training Series 7 GEN 2XX
BUS 205 Cost Accounting I GEN 2XX
BUS 209 Operations Management GEN 2XX
BUS 210 Managerial Accounting MGT 255
BUS 213 Business Plan Development GEN 2XX 
BUS 214 Customer Service GEN 2XX
BUS 216 Special Topics in International Business GEN 2XX
BUS 224 Business Finance ECO 352
BUS 229 Advertising COM 421
BUS 238 Marketing Research MGT 2XX
BUS 240 Labor/Management Relations LAS 2XX
BUS 242 Marketing Seminar MGT 2XX
BUS 244 Employment Law LAS 2XX
BUS 245 Management: A Behavioral Approach LAS 2XX
BUS 246 Principles of Management MGT 250
BUS 248 Human Resource Management ECO/MGT 385
BUS 251 Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management LAS 2XX
BUS 262 Small Business Management LAS 2XX
BUS 267 Retailing in a Service Economy GEN 2XX
BUS 269 Business Reports and Computer Communications LAS 2XX
BUS 275 Accounting Information Systems GEN 2XX
BUS 290 3 Foundations of Sport Management SPM 275
BUS 296 3-6  Disney World Internship CO-OP GEN 2XX 
BUS 297 1-3 Cooperative Work Experience CPV 400
BUS 299 1-4  Independent Study GEN 2XX - Submit Syllabus


CHM 090 Preparatory Chemistry No credit
CHM 120 Fundamental Chemistry CHE 1XX
CHM 121 Forensic Sciences LAS 1XX
CHM 123 & 123Lab Environmental Science & Lab

EST 100


CHM 124 & 124 Lab Environmental Science II & Lab EST 1XX
CHM 125 Fire Protection Chemistry CHE 1XX
CHM 126 Marine Chemistry CHE 1XX 
CHM 127 Kitchen Chemistry LAS 1XX 
CHM 129 4 The Chemistry of Art
CHM 133 Survey of Organic Chemistry CHE 1XX
CHM 141 & 141L General Organic and Biochemistry I and Lab CHE 1XX
CHM 142 & 142L General, Organic and Biochemistry II and Lab CHE 1XX
CHM 145 & 145L Chemistry & Lab CHE 221 or CHE 227/277
CHM 146 & 146L General Chemistry II and Lab CHE 222 or CHE 228/278
CHM 245 & 245L 5 Organic Chemistry I and Lab CHE 301
CHM 246 & 246L Organic Chemistry II and Lab CHE 302 
CHM 247 4 Biochemistry
CHM 265 & 265L 4 Analytical Chemistry & Lab
CHM 290 Forensic Toxicology LAS 2XX
CHM 298 1 Chemistry Senior Seminar
CHM 299 1-4  Independent Study LAS 2XX

Civil Engineering Technology

CIV 105 2 Introductory AutoCAD GEN 1XX
CIV 113 Engineering Drawing I w/CAD GEN 1XX
CIV 114 Civil Drafting w/CAD GEN 1XX
CIV 119 Architectural Drawing w/CAD GEN 1XX
CIV 124 Mechanics (Statics) PHY 1XX
CIV 136 Construction Methods & Management GEN 1XX
CIV 137 Construction Inspection GEN 1XX
CIV 159 Architectural Drafting I w/CAD GEN 1XX
CIV 170 Introduction to GIS GRY 324
CIV 201 Surveying I GEN 2XX
CIV 202 Surveying II GEN 2XX
CIV 217W Materials Testing PHY 2XX
CIV 219 Strength of Materials PHY 2XX
CIV 224 Reinforced Concrete Design GEN 2XX
CIV 226 Structural Steel Design GEN 2XX
CIV 231 Estimating & Construction Planning GEN 2XX
CIV 237 Hydraulics/Storm Water Management GEN 2XX
CIV 238 Architectural Design & Building Materials w/CAD GEN 2XX
CIV 240 Soil Mechanics GLY 2XX
CIV 250 MicroStation and Inroads Applications GEN 2XX
CIV 299 1-4  Independent Study GEN 2XX

Clinical Lab Tech

CLT 110 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Technology GEN 2XX 
CLT 120 Clinical Laboratory Techniques and Practices GEN 2XX
CLT 200 Histological Techniques GEN 2XX 
CLT 201W Hematology and Coagulation GEN 2XX 
CLT 202 Urinalysis/Body Fluids GEN 2XX 
CLT 204 Fundamentals Phlebotomy GEN 2XX 
CLT 206 Immunohematology GEN 2XX 
CLT 207 Clinical Chemistry SCI 2XX
CLT 208 Pathogenic Microbiology SCI 2XX
CLT 209L Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory GEN 2XX 
CLT 210 Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory GEN 2XX 
CLT 214 Specialized Phlebotomy GEN 2XX 
CLT 215 Phlebotomy Practicum GEN 2XX 
CLT 216 Immunology SCI 2XX 
CLT 220L Serological Techniques GEN 2XX 
CLT 240 Clinical Affiliation I GEN 2XX 
CLT 241 Clinical Affiliation II GEN 2XX 
CLT 242 Clinical Affiliation III GEN 2XX 
CLT 250 Human Histology GEN 2XX 
CLT 252 Advanced Histological Techniques GEN 2XX 
CLT 258 Histotechnology Practicum GEN 2XX 
CLT 295 Senior Seminar GEN 2XX 
CLT 298 1-2  Special Topics GEN 2XX 
CLT 299 1-5  Independent Study GEN 2XX 


COL 105 Academic Planning Seminar CLS 101


COM 100 Introduction to Mass Media COM 200
COM 107 Color Theory COM 1XX 
COM 112 Beginning Photography ATS 114 
COM 115 Writing for the Media COM 203
COM 116 Writing for Broadcasting COM 203
COM 124 Introduction to Computer Graphics ATS 1XX 
COM 125 Introduction to Audio Theory & Production COM 242
COM 130 Introduction to Video Theory & Production COM 342
COM 145 Contemporary Film Analysis CIN 208
COM 150 Public Relations COM 422
COM 154 Media & Society CPM 301 
COM 200 Image Theory for Film Photography & TV CIN 2XX
COM 201 Digital Audio Production COM 2XX 
COM 202 Commercial Photography ATS 2XX 
COM 203 Color Photography ATS 2XX 
COM 205 Introduction to Filmmaking CIN 2XX
COM 210 Advanced Video Production COM 243
COM 211 Digital Photographic Imaging ATS 214 
COM 212 Intermediate Photography ATS 2XX 
COM 215 Intermediate Filmmaking CIN 2XX
COM 216 Advanced Filmmaking CIN 2XX
COM 222 Advanced Photography ATS 2XX 
COM 226 Advanced Computer Imagery COM 2XX 
COM 228 Animation I ATS 345 
COM 230 Motion Graphics COM 2XX 
COM 240 3 Mass Media Research  COM 304
COM 250/255 1-3  Internship I & II COM 399
COM 256 Special Topics in Communication COM 2XX
COM 260 TV Production Practicum  COM 342 or COM 2XX
COM 265 Intermediate Television Production Practicum COM 3XX 
COM 270 1-3  Communication Internship III COM 2XX 
COM 275 1-3  Communication Internship IV COM 2XX 
COM 285,286,287 1-3  "X" LACM Special Topics COM 2XX 
COM 299 1-3  Independent Study in Communication/Media Design LAS 2XX

Criminal Justice

CRJ 105 Introduction to Corrections SOC/CRM 464
CRJ 111 Intro to Criminal Justice CRM 303
CRJ 115 Juvenile Justice System SOC/CRM 462
CRJ 125 Criminal Law SOC/CRM 377
CRJ 130 Introduction to Security GEN 1XX
CRJ 205 Correctional Law LAS 2XX
CRJ 212W Criminal Procedure & Constitutional Law LAS 2XX
CRJ 215 Police Administration GEN 2XX
CRJ 216 Police Operations GEN 2XX
CRJ 218 Police Community Relations SOC/CRM 333
CRJ 225 Security Administration GEN 2XX
CRJ 230 Criminal Investigation GEN 2XX
CRJ 235 Corrections Administration LAS 2XX
CRJ 240 Community Corrections LAS 2XX
CRJ 245W Criminology SOC/CRM 463
CRJ 246 Victimology CRM 2XX 
CRJ 255 1-3  Special Topics in Criminal Justice GEN 2XX
CRJ 260 Organized Crime LAS 2XX
CRJ 295 Criminal Justice Practicum CPV 400
CRJ 299 1-3  Independent Study GEN 2XX

College Success Seminar

CSS 106 College Success Seminar CLS 101

Computer Studies 

CST 102 Computer Aided Success CAP 100
CST 103 General Security Concepts CAP 1XX
CST 104 Remote Security Methods CAP 1XX
CST 105 Computer Applications CAP 100
CST 106 Computers in Technology CAP 100
CST 109 3 Computer History CAP 1XX 
CST 113 Intro to Programming MCS 186
CST 117 Language Independent Design Tools CAP 1XX
CST 119 Computer Concepts and Applications CAP 1XX
CST 120 Java Programming CAP 1XX
CST 123 Visual Basic for Technology  CAP 204
CST 124 Intro to CGI Programming CAP 201 or CAP Category 2
CST 127 Intro to C++ for Engineers  MCS 186
CST 131 Web Development Languages CAP 351
CST 133 Structured Programming  MCS 186
CST 138 Structured Programming C++ MCS 186
CST 140 Computer Maintenance CAP 1XX
CST 150W Objects Oriented Programming MCS 186
CST 151 3 Iphone/IPad Application Development CAP 1XX 
CST 153 Robotics & C Programming CAP 1XX 
CST 158 Spreadsheets w/Financial Applications CAP 1XX
CST 170 Digital Logic PHY 1XX
CST 200W Systems Analysis & Design CAP 2XX
CST 202W Data Structures with C++ CAP 216
CST 203 Security Hardware and Software CAP 2XX
CST 208W Introduction to Computer Networking CAP 220
CST 209 Advanced Computer Networking CAP 2XX
CST 210 Business Security CAP 2XX
CST 212W Computer Forensics I CAP 2XX 
CST 213 Database Systems CAP 2XX
CST 216 Visual Basic .Net CAP 204
CST 219W Socket Programming  CAP 2XX
CST 220 Microprocessors & Assembly Language Program. CAP 2XX
CST 222 C Essentials CAP 201
CST 224W Introduction to Network Programming CAP 2XX 
CST 225W Introduction to Small Systems CAP 2XX
CST 226 Advanced Visual Basic.NET  CAP 2XX
CST 228W GDI Programming with C/C++ CAP 2XX
CST 231 Web Development Packages CAP 238 & 2XX
CST 232 Multimedia Web Enhancement CAP 2XX
CST 233 Active Server Pages CAP 2XX
CST 242 Computer Forensics II CAP 2XX 
CST 262 Cryptographic Systems CAP 2XX 
CST 297 1-3  Cooperative Work Experience CPV 400
CST 299 1-3  Independent Study CAP 2XX

Community Internship

CTP 275 1-3 Community Internship CPV 400

Dental Hygiene

DEN 101 4.5  Dental Hygiene I GEN 1XX
DEN 102 5.5  Dental Hygiene II GEN 1XX
DEN 103 Oral Anatomy & Physiology BIO 1XX
DEN 106 Clinical Dental Radiography SCI 1XX
DEN 107 Introduction to Periodontology BIO 1XX
DEN 108 Infection Control in Dentistry HLH 1XX
DEN 109 Dental Ethics/Legal and Jurisprudence  LAS 1XX
DEN 110W Dental Materials GEN 1XX
DEN 201 Dental Hygiene III GEN 2XX
DEN 202 Dental Hygiene IV GEN 2XX
DEN 203 2 Pain Management in Dentistry GEN 2XX
DEN 204 General and Oral Pathology HLH 2XX
DEN 205 Periodontology HLH 2XX
DEN 206 Dental Pharmacology HLH 2XX
DEN 209 Dental Nutrition HLH 323
DEN 213W Community Dental Health HLH 2XX
DEN 214 Current Topics in Dental Hygiene GEN 2XX
DEN 298,299 1-3  Independent Study/Fall & Spring GEN 2XX

Direct Marketing

DMR 210 Data Base Information Management for Marketing GEN 2XX
DMR 220 Direct Marketing LAS 2XX
DMR 295 Qualitative Marketing Research Methodologies GEN 2XX

Early Childhood

ECE 101 Introduction to Family Day Care GEN 1XX
ECE 102 Intro. to Working in School Age Child Care EDU 1XX
ECE 103 Intro. to Working W/ Special Needs Children EDU 1XX
ECE 106 Childcare Field Experience GEN 1XX 
ECE 110 Introduction to Early Education EDU 270
ECE 120

Curriculum Development

EDU 331
ECE 145 Children and the Arts EDU 303
ECE 155 Literacy and Language in Early Childhood GEN 1XX
ECE 175 Techniques of Observation and Evaluation ECE 3XX
ECE 180 Child Health and Safety & Nutrition HLH 1XX
ECE 190 Infants, Toddlers and the Family EDU 334
ECE 200W Field Experience I  ECE 332
ECE 201 Field Experience II ECE 332
ECE 210 Children with Special Needs SPE 270
ECE 223 Discipline Techniques EDU 2XX
ECE 224 Pre-School Mathematics EDU 2XX
ECE 226 Pre-School Science EDU 2XX
ECE 227 Early Childhood and Technology GEN 1XX
ECE 230 Working W Families in Early Childhood Programs EDU 2XX
ECE 245 Social Development of Young Children LAS 2XX
ECE 255 1-3  Special Topics in ECE EDU 2XX
ECE 262 3 Technology for Teachers EDU 2XX
ECE 299 1-3  Independent Study in Child Care GEN 1XX
EDU 111 Foundations of American Education INT 270


ECO 105 Introduction to Economic Thought ECO 1XX
ECO 110 Introduction to Micro-Economics ECO 111
ECO 111 Introduction to Macro-Economics ECO 110
ECO 299 1-3  Independent Study-Economics GEN 2XX


EET 107 Electronic Computer Applications GEN 1XX 
EET 111 Electrical Construction Laboratory  GEN 1XX
EET 112 Electrical Fabrication Laboratory  GEN 1XX
EET 115   Introduction to Digital Logic PHY 358
EET 121 DC & AC Electrical Circuits & Laboratory LAS 1XX
EET 122 Electrical Circuits  LAS 1XX
EET 127 Alternate Energy Concepts & Solutions GEN 1XX 
EET 150 Electronic Devices & Laboratory LAS 1XX
EET 151 Electronics I  PHY 440 (3), LAS 1XX (1)
EET 152 Electronics II  LAS 1XX
EET 153 Robotics & C Programming CAP 1XX 
EET 162 Computer Aided Network Analysis LAS 1XX
EET 168 Digital Electronics 1  PHY 1XX
EET 169 4 Digital Electronics 2  LAS 1XX
EET 183 Applied Electricity PHY 1XX
EET 210 Applied Electricity and Electronics PHY 1XX
EET 230 Electronic Design and Fabrication GEN 2XX
EET 247W Energy Conversions & Laboratory Elective GEN 2XX
EET 251 Electronic Circuitry and Laboratory GEN 2XX
EET 252W Electronic Communications Systems & Laboratory GEN 2XX
EET 260 Digital Electronics PHY 358
EET 267 Microprocessors  LAS 2XX
EET 270 Control Systems & Lab GEN 2XX
EET 297 Cooperative Work Experience (1-3 cr) CPV 400
EET 299 1-4 Independent Study GEN 2XX


EGR 100L 0.5  Engineering Orientation: Student Success I GEN 1XX
EGR 101 0.5  Engineering Orientation: Student Success II GEN 1XX
EGR 150 Engineering Design I w/ Graphics GEN 1XX
EGR 151 Engineering Design II GEN 1XX
EGR 200L 0.5  Engineering Orientation: Student Success III GEN 2XX
EGR 201L 0.5  Engineering Orientation: Student Success IV GEN 2XX
EGR 281 Mechanics (Statics) PHY 2XX
EGR 282 Mechanics (Dynamics) PHY 420
EGR 283 Strength of Materials PHY 422
EGR 284 Materials Science PHY 2XX
EGR 285 3 Electrical Circuits PHY 2xx
EGR 287L Engineering Design III GEN 2XX
EGR 288L Engineering Design IV GEN 2XX
EGR 289W Microprocessors GEN 2XX
EGR 298 1-4  Cooperative Work Experience CPV 400
EGR 299 2-4 Independent Project GEN 2XX

Emergency Medical Technician

EMT 110 Basic Emergency Medical Technician HLH 1XX
EMT 120 Intermediate Emergency Medical Technician HLH 1XX
EMT 130 12  Critical Care HLH 1XX


ENG 090 Basic Language Skills No Credit
ENG 106 English as a Second Language Intermediate II ENG 2XX
ENG 107 3 English as a Second Language, Advanced I College Writing I for non-native speakers CPN 100
ENG 108 English as a Second Language, Advanced II College Writing II for non-native speakers CPN 101
ENG 110 College Writing I CPN 100
ENG 111 College Writing II CPN 101
ENG 150 Technical Writing PWR 393
ENG 163 Reporting COM 203
ENG 168 News Editing COM 1XX
ENG 170 Creative Writing PWR 212
ENG 175 Creative Writing – Publication ENG 2XX
ENG 210 Advanced Writing CPN 101/ENG 2XX
ENG 212 Writing on the Net PWR 209
ENG 220 Communicating About Values ENG 2XX
ENG 299 Independent Study: English ENG 2XX

Environmental Science 

ENV 100 Environmental Science Orientation GEN 1XX
ENV 120 3 Sustainable Agriculture
ENV 199 Industrial Hygiene GEN 1XX 
ENV 210 Environmental Issues & Policy POL 242 
ENV 212 Ecology BIO 412 
ENV 290 Environmental Science Seminar EST 2XX 

English as a Second Language

ESL 003 English as a Second Language, Grammar I ESL 101
ESL 004 English as a Second Language, Reading Skills ESL 102
ESL 005 English as a Second Language, Elementary Reading GEN 1XX
ESL 103 English as a Second Language, Grammar II GEN 1XX
ESL 104 English as a Second Language, Speaking & Listening II GEN 1XX
ESL 105 English as a Second Language, Reading & Writing II GEN 1XX
ESL 113 English as a Second Language,Grammer 3 GEN 1XX
ESL 114 English as a Second Language, Speaking & Listening 3 GEN 1XX
ESL 115 English as a Second Language, Reading & Writing 3 GEN 1XX


FRE 101 Beginning French FRE 101
FRE 102 Beginning French II FRE 102
FRE 201 Intermediate French I FRE 201
FRE 202 Intermediate French II FRE 202

Fire Protection

FRS 101 Fire Prevention and Protection GEN 1XX
FRS 103 Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy GEN 1XX
FRS 105 Fire Investigation GEN 1XX
FRS 107 Legal Aspects of the Fire Service GEN 1XX
FRS 108 Building Construction for Fire Science GEN 1XX
FRS 110 Computers in the Fire Science CAP 100
FRS 200 Hazardous Materials GEN 2XX
FRS 201 Fire Service Hydraulics GEN 2XX
FRS 204 Protection and Suppression Systems GEN 2XX
FRS 205 Fire Department Administration GEN 2XX
FRS 250 1-3  Special Topics GEN 2XX
FRS 299 1-3  Independent Study: Fire Service GEN 2XX


GEO 120 World Cultural Geography GRY 120


GER 101 Beginning German I GER 101
GER 102 Beginning German II GER 102

Health Care Management

HCM 193 Introduction to U.S. Healthcare System HLH 1XX
HCM 194 Healthcare Financing GEN 1XX
HCM 195 Managed Health Delivery Systems HLH 1XX
HCM 196 Healthcare Ethics LAS 1XX
HCM 197 Economics of Health & Medical Care LAS 1XX
HCM 198 3 Long-term Care HLH 1XX


HIS 103 Western Civilization I HIS 110
HIS 104 3 Western Civilization II HIS 111
HIS 116 The West and the World to 1500 HIS 100
HIS 117 The West and World Since 1500 HIS 101
HIS 130 United States History I HIS 200
HIS 131 United States History II HIS 201
HIS 135 Jazz in US History & Culture LAS 1XX
HIS 141 History of Modern Latin American & Caribbean HIS 1XX
HIS 155 War and the Western World  HIS 1XX
HIS 155-159 SERIES themes in Western Civilization HIS 1XX
HIS 156 Nature & Western Civilization HIS 111
HIS 163 Intro to Chinese Civilization HIS 1XX
HIS 164 Intro to Japanese Civilization HIS 1XX
HIS 175 Local History HIS 1XX
HIS 180 Utopia:  American Visions of the Good Society HIS 1XX
HIS 183 Woman’s History HIS 1XX
HIS 187 The United States Civil War:  Causes and Effects HIS 1XX
HIS 188 Vietnam and America HIS 1XX
HIS 189 First Peoples: Native American History  HIS 1XX
HIS 194 Survey in African-American History HIS 1XX
HIS 225 3 Total War in the 20th Century HIS 2XX
HIS 210-280 1-3  Special Topics in History HIS 2XX
HIS 299 Independent Study HIS 2XX

Health Information

HIT 101 Intro. Health Information Systems GEN 1XX
HIT 106 Medical Technology HLH 1XX
HIT 107 Medical Transcription and Correspondence GEN 1XX
HIT 117 Reimbursement Methodologies GEN 1XX 
HIT 144 Clinical Practicum I GEN 1XX
HIT 203 Computers in Health Care CAP 2XX
HIT 204 Inpatient Coding System GEN 2XX
HIT 205 Coding Practicum  GEN 2XX
HIT 208 Advanced Medical Transcription GEN 2XX
HIT 210 Management Principles for Health Information GEN 2XX
HIT 214 Ambulatory Care Coding GEN 2XX
HIT 220 Survey of Healthcare Delivery HLH 2XX
HIT 222W Medical Legal Aspects HLH 2XX
HIT 236 Quality Improvement HLH 2XX
HIT 245 Clinical Practicum II GEN 2XX
HIT 295 Health Information Seminar GEN 2XX

Homeland Security

HLS 111 Introduction to Homeland Security GEN 1XX 
HLS 150 Emergency Management GEN 1XX
HLS 200 Theory and Practice of Terrorism GEN 2XX 
HLS 210 Special Security Issues GEN 2XX

Human Services

HMS 146 Intro. to Gerontology SOC 220
HMS 147 Eldercare Seminar and Internship CPV 400
HMS 240 Perspective on Death and Dying HUS 2XX
HMS 250 Human Service Organization HUS 2XX
HMS 260 Special Topics on Aging HUS 2XX
HMS 290 Human Service Field Experience CPV 400

Health Sciences

HST 100 Intro. Health Science HLH 1XX
HST 109 Personal Success Strategies GEN 1XX


HUM 101 Western Humanities I LAS 1XX
HUM 102 Western Humanities II LAS 1XX
HUM 103 The Shock of the New: 20th Century Culture LAS 1XX
HUM 104 Introduction to Classical Mythology ENG 280
HUM 135 Jazz in US History and Culture MUS 332

Interior Design 

INT 100 Interior Design Studio I GEN 1XX 
INT 120 Surface Materials for the Interior GEN 1XX
INT 210 Interior Design II GEN 2XX
INT 299 1-4  Independent Study: Interior Design GEN 2XX


ITA 101 Beginning Italian I ITA 101
ITA 102 Beginning Italian II ITA 102
ITA 201 Intermediate Italian I ITA 201
ITA 202 Intermediate Italian II ITA 202


LAW 110 Survey of Paralegalism GEN 1XX
LAW 200 Real Property Law LAS 2XX
LAW 207W Legal Writing and Research LAS 2XX
LAW 215 Estates, Probates and Trusts LAS 2XX
LAW 220 Contracts LAS 2XX
LAW 222 Medical Law LAS 2XX
LAW 225 Family Law LAS 2XX
LAW 226 Taxation Law for Paralegals GEN 2XX
LAW 227 Constitutional Law POL 403
LAW 240 Corporate Law LAS 2XX
LAW 250 Municipal Law LAS 2XX
LAW 251 Federal Civil Procedure LAS 2XX
LAW 252 Applied Real Estate GEN 2XX
LAW 253 Computers in the Law Office  CAP 1XX
LAW 260 Labor-Management Relations LAS 2XX
LAW 270 Vehicle and Traffic Law GEN 2XX
LAW 280 Litigation and Trial Preparation GEN 2XX
LAW 290 Landlord-Tenant Relations GEN 2XX
LAW 295 Paralegal Practicum GEN 2XX
LAW 299 1-3  Independent Study: Paralegal GEN 2XX


LIT 200 3 Introduction to Literature ENG 200
LIT 201 Crime & Punishment ENG 2XX 
LIT 210 Studies in United States Literature I ENG 325
LIT 211 Studies in United States Literature II ENG 326
LIT 214 Studies in British Literature I ENG 355
LIT 215 Studies in British Literature II ENG 356
LIT 220 The Short Story ENG 202
LIT 225 United States Latino Literature  ENG 2XX
LIT 230 American Drama ENG 2XX
LIT 233 World Drama ENG 204
LIT 235 Shakespeare ENG 2XX
LIT 240 The Poetic Experience: Sight & Sound ENG 203
LIT 250 Women & Literature: Other Perspectives ENG 261
LIT 253 Psychological Investigation in Literature ENG 2XX
LIT 260 Detective Fiction ENG 2XX
LIT 263 Children’s Literature ENG 373
LIT 264 World Folktales: The Art of Storytelling  ENG 2XX
LIT 267 An Intro. to Science Fiction ENG 202
LIT 270 20th Century American Working-Class Lit. ENG 254
LIT 272 Literature of the North American Wild ENG 2XX
LIT 274 Introduction to African American Literature AAS 251
LIT 276 Native American Literature ENG 256
LIT 277 Intro. to Irish Literature ENG 257
LIT 280 The Short Novel ENG 202
LIT 285 Autobiography ENG 2XX
LIT 290 Banned Books LAS 2XX
LIT 291 Folklore & Fantasy ENG 2XX 
LIT 294 Envirolit ENG 2XX 
LIT 295 Literature and Film ENG 278
LIT 297 World Literature I ENG 2XX
LIT 298 World Literature II ENG 2XX 

Learning Skills

LRS 105 Learning Skills GEN 1XX
LRS 106 College Success CLS 101 (1) GEN 1XX (2)
LRS 107 Textbook Mastery & Note Taking GEN 1XX 
LRS 108  Study Management & Memory and Exams GEN 1XX 
LRS 110 The Research Paper GEN 1XX
LRS 120 The Art of Thinking GEN 1XX
LRS 130 Introduction to Microcomputers & Word Processing CAP 1XX
LRS 150 Advanced Learning Skills GEN 1XX


MAT 100 1 Math Success Seminar
MAT 109 4 The Mathematics of Gaming
MAT 113 Mathematical Explorations I MAT 1XX
MAT 115 Mathematics for General Education I MAT 1XX
MAT 116 Mathematics for General Education II MAT 1XX
MAT 117 Elementary Finite Mathematics w/Algebra MAT 1XX
MAT 118 3 Mathematics of Sustainability MAT 1XX
MAT 119 Mathematics for Elementary Education I MAT 101
MAT 120 Mathematics for Elementary Education II MAT 102
MAT 124 Statistics I MAT 201
MAT 127 3 Mathematical Literacy II
MAT 130 Applied Algebra and Trigonometry MAT 111
MAT 136 College Algebra & Trigonometry MAT 111
MAT 146 Introduction to Calculus MAT 121
MAT 148 Applied Technical Mathematics-IS MAT 111
MAT 149 Applied Technical Mathematics-IS MAT 115
MAT 156 Algebra and Trigonometry for Calculus MAT 115
MAT 160 Applied Calculus I MAT 121
MAT 181 Calculus I w/Analytic Geometry MAT 135
MAT 182 Calculus II w/Analytic Geometry MAT 236
MAT 224 Statistics II MAT 2XX
MAT 245 Design of Experiments MAT 2XX
MAT 250 Discrete Mathematics MAT 2XX
MAT 260 Applied Probability and Statistics MAT 446
MAT 264 Linear Algebra MAT 272
MAT 266 Introduction to Higher Mathematics MAT 2XX
MAT 281 Calculus III MAT 237
MAT 282 Differential Equations w/Linear Algebra MAT 430
MAT 299 1-4  Independent Study LAS 2XX

Medical Assistant

MDA 102 Medical Assisting Science GEN 1XX
MDA 104 Keyboarding and Medical Word Processing GEN 1XX
MDA 106 3 Medical Transcription and Correspondence GEN 1XX
MDA 114L Standard First Aid Management of Emergencies HLH 1XX
MDA 115 Medical Assisting Procedures I GEN 1XX
MDA 201 Medical Assisting Procedures II GEN 2XX
MDA 206 Medical Office Management GEN 2XX
MDA 207 Advanced Medical Office Management GEN 2XX
MDA 208W Medical Ethics, Law and Economics PHI 321
MDA 210 Pharmacology SCI 2XX
MDA 211 Medical Assisting Procedures III GEN 2XX
MDA 211A   Med Assistant Procedures III Lab GEN 2XX 
MDA 245W Directed Practice Seminar GEN 2XX
MDA 246 Clinical Practicum I GEN 2XX
MDA 247 Clinical Practicum II GEN 2XX


MET 112 Metrology GEN 1XX
MET 113 Engineering Drawing I w/CAD ATS 1XX
MET 116 Engineering Drawing II w/CAD ATS 1XX
MET 121 Manufacturing Processes I GEN 1XX
MET 122 Manufacturing Processes II GEN 1XX
MET 134 Statics PHY 1XX
MET 164 Quality Systems  GEN 2XX
MET 170 Metallurgy GEN 2XX 
MET 200 Senior Seminar GEN 2XX
MET 211 Basic Mechanical CAD ATS 2XX
MET 234 Dynamics  PHY 2XX
MET 235 Strength of Materials PHY 422
MET 238 Mechanical Design GEN 2XX
MET 243 Fluid Mechanics GEN 2XX
MET 244 Thermodynamics CHE 434
MET 252W Engineering Materials PHY 2XX
MET 298 Cooperative Work Experience CPV 400
MET 299 2-4  Independent Study GEN 2XX

Medical Laboratory

MLT 110 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology GEN 1XX
MLT 120 Medical Laboratory Techniques & Practices GEN 1XX
MLT 200 Histological Techniques GEN 2XX 
MLT 201W Hematology & Coagulation GEN 2XX
MLT 202 Urinalysis/Body Fluids GEN 2XX
MLT 204 Fundamental Phlebotomy GEN 2XX
MLT 206 Immunohematology SCI 2XX
MLT 207 Clinical Chemistry CHE 2XX
MLT 208   Pathogenic Microbiology BIO 303 w/MLT 209 or 210
MLT 209L   Pathogenic Microbiology Lab BIO 3XX
MLT 210 Diagnostic Microbiology Lab BIO 3XX
MLT 214 Specialized Phlebotomy GEN 2XX
MLT 215 Phlebotomy Practicum GEN 2XX
MLT 216 Immunology SCI 2XX 
MLT 220L Serological Techniques GEN 2XX 
MLT 240 Clinical Affiliation I GEN 2XX
MLT 241 Clinical Affiliation II GEN 2XX
MLT 242 Clinical Affiliation III GEN 2XX
MLT 298 1-2  Special Topics GEN 2XX
MLT 299 1-5  Independent Study GEN 2XX


MUS 101 Introduction to Music MUS 100
MUS 105 Music Theory I MUS 201 (or 111 for non-majors/non-minors)
MUS 106 Music Theory II MUS 202
MUS 107 Music Theory III MUS 3XX
MUS 108 History of Music: Renaissance 1800 MUS 222
MUS 109 Ragtime to Rock MUS 1XX
MUS 111 19th Century Music MUS 222
MUS 112 3 20th Century Music MUS 223
MUS 114 History of Opera MUS 1XX
MUS 115 Ear Training I MUS 1XX
MUS 116 Ear Training II MUS 1XX
MUS 117 Ear Training III MUS 1XX
MUS 120 Piano Class I (1 cr at Broome) MUS 1XX
MUS 121 Piano Class II MUS 1XX
MUS 160 3 Sound Engineering I MUS 1XX
MUS 161 Sound Engineering II MUS 1XX 
MUS 170 Music and Computers MUS 1XX
MUS 180 Jazz Improvisation MUS 1XX
MUS 183 Lead & Blues Guitar Playing MUS 1XX
MUS 184 Songwriting MUS 2XX
MUS 185 Beginning Guitar MUS 1XX
MUS 186 .5 Guitar Ensemble  MUS 254 
MUS 187 The Guitar: Its History and Music MUS 1XX
MUS 188 Practical Music Theory for the Performing Musician MUS 1XX
MUS 189 .5  Flute Ensemble MUS 254 
MUS 190 .5  The College Choir MUS 240 
MUS 191 .5  Music Performance MUS 254 
MUS 192 .5  Woodwind Ensemble MUS 254 
MUS 193 .5  Brass Ensemble MUS 254 
MUS 194 Voice Class I MUS 1XX
MUS 195 .5  Jazz Ensemble MUS 254 
MUS 196 .5  String Ensemble MUS 254 
MUS 197 Applied Music I  MUS 1XX
MUS 198 Applied Music II  MUS 1XX
MUS 199 Intermediate Guitar MUS 1XX
MUS 201 College Band MUS 259 
MUS 260 Sound Engineering III MUS 2XX 
MUS 261  Sound Engineering IV MUS 2XX 
MUS 290 Chamber Singers MUS 2XX 
MUS 294 1 Voice Class II  MUS 1XX
MUS 297 Applied Music III  MUS 2XX
MUS 298 Applied Music IV MUS 2XX
MUS 299 1-3  Independent Study: Music MUS 2XX

Physical Education

PED 100 .5  Archery PED 150
PED 103 Backpacking REC 102
PED 106* .5  Badminton PED 283*/1XX
PED 107 Ballet I DNC 101
PED 108 Ballet II DNC 201 
PED 110 Basic Ice Skating PED 137
PED 118 Solutions in Fitness & Wellness PED 282
PED 119 1.5  Solutions in Fitness & Wellness PED 282
PED 120 Foundations of Exercise EXS 1XX 
PED 121 .5  Golf PED 154
PED 122 Horsemanship PED 1XX
PED 123 Exploration of Movement PED 1XX 
PED 124 Track & Field PED 187 
PED 127 .5  Jogging PED 1XX
PED 130 Karate PED 1XX
PED 135 Jazz Dance I DNC 102
PED 137 Jazz Dance II DNC 202
PED 139 .5  Self-Defense  PED 1XX
PED 140 Dance Pilates PED 1XX 
PED 143 .5  Cross-Country Skiing  PED 1XX
PED 144 1.5  Aerobics PED 1XX
PED 146 Aerobics PED 1XX
PED 147 .5  Soccer (Women) PED 1XX
PED 148 .5  Soccer (Men) PED 1XX
PED 149 Snorkeling PED 232
PED 150 Personal Nutrition HLH 1XX
PED 155 Trim and Tone HLH 1XX
PED 160 3 History & Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport EXS 197
PED 161 3 Sport and Society EXS 345
PED 162 3 Personal and Community Health HLH 110
PED 168 Exploring Healthy Lifestyles  PED 282
PED 169* .5  Tennis PED 283*/1XX
PED 170 .5  Trail Riding PED 1XX
PED 171 Physiology of Exercise EXS 1XX
PED 172 .5  Volleyball PED 1XX
PED 173 1.5  Fitness Walking PED 1XX
PED 175 .5  Weight Training PED 1XX
PED 181 1 Adventure Activities PED 181
PED 187 1 Team Sports PED 180
PED 188 1 Rhythms and Dance PED 388
PED 207 Women's Varsity Lacrosse PED 1XX 
PED 210 1.5 Exercise Assistant Internship EXS 196
PED 269 Tennis II PED 1XX 
PED 299 .5  Independent Study PED 2XX
    * If a student take PED 106 and PED 169 the will gain credit for PED 283  


PHI 102 General Philosophy PHI 100
PHI 104 Philosophy of Religion PHI 1XX
PHI 105 World Religions RLS 200
PHI 201 Ethics: Moral Philosophy PHI 135
PHI 202 Logic PHI 111
PHI 203 Philosophical Issues in American Education PHI 1XX
PHI 206 Social and Political Philosophy PHI 240
PHI 299 1-3  Independent Study: Philosophy PHI 2XX

Physical Science

PHS 111  Earth Investigations GLY 160
PHS 112 Interactions with the Natural World SCI 141
PHS 113  Astronomy – Exploring the Universe PHY 150
PHS 114  Meteorology: Investigating the Weather GLY 371
PHS 115  The Dynamic Earth GLY 261
PHS 116  Energy and Environment SCI 1XX
PHS 117 Exploring Everyday Phenomena SCI 142
PHS 123  Natural Disasters SCI 180 
PHS 125  Historical Geology: History of Life & Planet Earth GLY 262
PHS 210 4 Mountain Geology and Climate
PHS 298 1 Physical Science Senior Seminar


PHY 090 Preparatory Physics  PHY 105
PHY 105 Conceptual Physics PHY 1XX 
PHY 118 Physics for Physical Therapist Assistants PHY 1XX
PHY 160 Applied Physics – IS PHY 1XX
PHY 161  Physics I: Mechanics and Heat PHY 105
PHY 162  Physics II: Wave Motion, Electromagnetism & Atomic Physics PHY 106
PHY 181 Physics for Engineers & Scientists I: Mechanics & Thermodynamics PHY 201
PHY 182 Physics for Engineers & Scientists II: Sound, Light, Electricity & Magnetism PHY 202
PHY 281 Physics for Engineers & Scientists III PHY 203


PMD 201, 202 & 203 & 204 5-12-14  Paramedic I, II, III, IV

HLH 120 (2) & HLH 2XX or

HLH 1XX (for HLH Majors)

PMD 211 & 211L Foundations in Advanced Pre-hospital Care GEN 2XX 
PMD 212 & 212L Advanced Pre-hospital Care of Cardiovascular & Special Population Patients GEN 2XX 
PMD 213 & 213L Advanced Pre-hospital Trauma Care GEN 2XX 
PMD 214 & 214L Advanced Pre-hospital Care of Medical Emergencies GEN 2XX 
PMD 215 & 215L Advance Pre-hospital Operations & Integrated Care GEN 2XX 
PMD 221 & 221L Paramedic Foundations & Comprehensive Physical Exam GEN 2XX 
PMD 222 & 222L Paramedic Care of Cardiovascular & Special Patient Populations GEN 2XX 
PMD 223 & 223L Paramedic Trauma Care GEN 2XX 
PMD 224 & 224L Paramedic Care of Medical Emergencies GEN 2XX 
PMD 225 & 225L Paramedic Operations,Pediatric Emergencies, Integrated Care GEN 2XX 

Political Science

POS 201 Introduction to American Government POL 100
POS 203 International Relations POL 250
POS 204 American State and Local Government POL 326
POS 299 1-3  Independent Study POL 2XX


PSY 100 Psychology of Personal Adjustment LAS 1XX
PSY 110 General Psychology PSY 101
PSY 210 Human Developmental  PSY 333
PSY 211 Child Development PSY 231
PSY 212 Adolescent Development PSY 232
PSY 214 Abnormal Psychology PSY 421
PSY 217 Introduction to Counseling Theory & Practice PSY 486
PSY 223 Intelligence and the Mentally Retarded PSY 431
PSY 227 Learning and Behavior PSY 360
PSY 230 Psychology of Women PSY 2XX
PSY 234 Psychology of Addictions PSY 2XX
PSY 240 Psychology of Advertising PSY 2XX
PSY 245 Social Psychology PSY 422
PSY 250  Educational Psychology PSY 332 
PSY 255 Forensic Psychology PSY 2XX 
PSY 265 3 Sport Psychology EXS 346

Physical Therapist

PTA 100SL Intro. to Physical Therapy I ATR 1XX
PTA 101 Intro. to Physical Therapy II ATR 1XX
PTA 102 Intro. to Rehabilitation ATR 342
PTA 103 Physical Agents and Massage GEN 1XX
PTA 104 Basic Musculoskeletal Anatomy  ATR 1XX
PTA 105 Patient Interaction GEN 1XX 
PTA 106 Physical Therapy Procedures GEN 1XX 
PTA 110 Clinical Affiliation I No Credit
PTA 201 Kinesiology EXS 2XX
PTA 202 Therapeutic Exercise ATR 342 OR ATR 2XX
PTA 203 Therapeutic Assessment & Review for the PTA GEN 2XX 
PTA 210 Clinical Affiliation II No Credit
PTA 213W Senior Seminar I No Credit
PTA 220 Clinical Affiliation III No Credit
PTA 224 Senior Seminar II No Credit
PTA 299 1-3  Independent Study GEN 2XX


RAD 100 Introduction to Clinical Education GEN 1XX
RAD 101 Image Production and Evaluation I GEN 1XX
RAD 102W Image Production and Evaluation II GEN 1XX
RAD 103 Positioning I GEN 1XX
RAD 104 Positioning II GEN 1XX
RAD 110 Methods of Patient Care GEN 1XX
RAD 115 Radiation Protection GEN 1XX
RAD 130   Clinical Education I No Credit
RAD 132 Clinical Education II No Credit
RAD 133 Summer Clinical Education III No Credit
RAD 201 Equipment Operation and Maintenance GEN 2XX
RAD 204 Advanced Positioning GEN 2XX
RAD 211 Pharmacology for Radiographers GEN 2XX
RAD 214 Sectional Anatomy GEN 2XX
RAD 216 Imaging Modalities GEN 2XX
RAD 220 Radiologic Pathology BIO 2XX
RAD 225W Advanced Imaging Procedures GEN 2XX
RAD 227 CT Physics & Equipment GEN 2XX 
RAD 228 CT Sectional anatomy GEN 2XX 
RAD 229 CT Pathology GEN 2XX 
RAD 230 Clinical Education IV No Credit
RAD 232 Clinical Education V No Credit
RAD 245 Radiobiology BIO 2XX
RAD 250 Quality Assurance GEN 2XX
RAD 262 Mammography GEN 2XX
RAD 264 Computed Tomography GEN 2XX
RAD 266 Magnetic Resonance Imaging GEN 2XX
RAD 295 Seminar in Radiography GEN 2XX
RAD 298 1-2  Independent Clinical Study No Credit
RAD 299 1-3 Independent Study GEN 2XX

Reading Skills

RDG 090 0 Reading Fundamentals No Credit
RDG 092 College Preparatory Reading No Credit
RDG 094 College Vocabulary Skills No Credit
RDG 110 Efficient Reading GEN 1XX
RDG 120 Critical Reading GEN 1XX

Student Affairs Courses

SAC 101 The Individual in a Changing Environment GEN 1XX
SAC 110 Orientation for International Students GEN 1XX
SAC 250 Career Exploration GEN 2XX
SAC 251 Career Search GEN 2XX
SAC 295 Seminar in Human Potential GEN 2XX


SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology SOC 150
SOC 111 Social Problems SOC 1XX
SOC 220 Race & Ethnicity SOC 352 
SOC 230 The Family/Marriage and Its Alternatives SOC 470
SOC 250 Introduction to Social Work SOC 430
SOC 299 1-3  Independent Study SOC 2XX

Social Science

SOS 101 3 Contemporary World Issues LAS 1XX
SOS 111 Public Policy POL 1XX
SOS 116 International Business Environments ECO 1XX
SOS 120 Science Technology and Society SCI 320
SOS 127 Intro to Conflict Resolution & Mediation GEN 1XX
SOS 155 Media and Society

COM 301

SOS 171 Contemporary Cultures LAS 1XX 
SOS 172 Community Organization & Development LAS 1XX 


SPA 101 Beginning Spanish SPA 101
SPA 102 Beginning Spanish II SPA 102
SPA 115 Conversational Spanish for Law Enforcement LAS 1XX
SPA 116 Spanish for Business LAS 1XX
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I SPA 201
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II SPA 202
SPA 203 Spanish in Conversation SPA 306
SPA 204 Spanish through its Literature  SPA 317
SPA 207 Introduction to Latin American Literature: from the “Boom” to Testimonial Narrative LAS 2XX


SPK 106 English Speech Communication for Speakers of Other Languages GEN 1XX
SPK 110 Effective Speaking COM 210
SPK 203 Advanced Speaking COM 2XX
SPK 299 1-3  Independent Study: Speech COM 2XX

Sports Management

SPM 110 3 Foundations of Sports Management SPM 275
SPM 189 3 Sports Law SPM 373
SPM 279 3 Mgmt/promotion of Sport Events & Facilities SPM 227
SPM 297 3 Sports Management Practicum SPM 255

Quality Assurance

SQC 111 Acceptance Sampling and Reliability GEN 1XX
SQC 112 Metrology GEN 1XX
SQC 113 Statistical Process Control GEN 1XX
SQC 200 SR. Seminar I GEN 2XX 
SQC 201 SR Seminar II GEN 2XX
SQC 210 Six Sigma Topics GEN 2XX 
SQC 220 Senior Practicum GEN 2XX
SQC 244 Reliability and Life Testing GEN 2XX
SQC 297 0 Cooperative Work Experience No Credit


TEC 100 .5  Introduction to Technology GEN 1XX
TEC 101 Intro to Engineering Technology GEN 1XX 
TEC 106 Electronic Portfolios GEN 1XX 


THR 101 Theater Appreciation: The Image Maker THT 100
THR 102 Intro. to Musical Theatre THT 260
THR 109,110 Practicum Theater THT 240
THR 111 Introduction to Acting THT 120
THR 112 Acting: II THT 220
THR 114 Oral Interpretation THT 330
THR 117 Creative Dramatics THT 1XX
THR 140 Announcing for Radio/TV COM 312
THR 161 3 Playwriting CIN 304
THR 165 Dance for Actors I DNC/THT 1XX
THR 175 Dance for Actors II DNC/THT 1XX
THR 201 Children’s Theater THT 2XX
THR 216 1-3  Special Topics in Theater THT 2XX 
THR 217 3 Special Topics THT 2XX 
THR 218 Acting III THT 2XX
THR 219 Periods and Styles of Acting THT 2XX
THR 221 History of the Theater THT 161
THR 222 History of the Theater II THT 162
THR 231 Stage Direction I THT 432
THR 246 Rehearsal and Performance for Stage THT 399
THR 255 Improvisational Acting/Psychodrama THT 2XX
THR 256 Rehearsal and Performance for Stage THT 399
THR 266 Acting for TV, Film and Commercials THT 2XX
THR 276 Rehearsal and Performance for Television THT 2XX
THR 286 Shakespeare for Actors THT 2XX
THR 299 1-3  Independent Study: Theater THT 440
TLC 110,120 Telecommunications I,II GEN 1XX
TLC 210,220 Telecommunications III,IV GEN 2XX