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Learning Outcomes for Parents and Guests

It is our hope that after participating in our Parent Program during Orientation, parents and guests of new students will:

  • Gain insight and appreciation of:
    • Campus resources and services available to them and their student
    • The terminology and language used at SUNY Cortland to better communicate with their student about their experience
    • Some of the transitional issues their student may encounter (roommates, diversity, choices, time management, relationships, etc.) and develop some strategies to help their student through these transitions
    • Various campus offices and departments
  •  Begin to understand:
    • The academic requirements at SUNY Cortland
    • Strategies to help their student succeed academically and socially by exploring their shifting role as a parent
    • The changing dynamic of the parental role related to student privacy
  • Develop a connection to the Cortland community through:
    • Interacting with fellow parents, Orientation Assistants, faculty, and staff
    • Meeting with a faculty member within their student's chosen field of interest
    • Beginning to explore the transitions the family structure will experience by having a student in college
  • Begin to develop new ways of communicating with their student, now that they no longer live at home
  • Feel comfortable and confident in their student's decision to attend SUNY Cortland