It's On Us - Get Involved!

It's On Us is a national movement, and SUNY Cortland is keeping the momentum going with events throughout the year to reinforce that we can make our campus a safer and more supportive place. The tenets of It's On Us challenge all of us:

  • to recognize that non-consensual sex is sexual assault
  • to identify situations in which sexual violence may occur
  • to intervene in situations where consent has not or cannot be given
  • to create an environment in which sexual violence is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

At SUNY Cortland, we expand the notion of sexual violence to include not only sexual assault, but also, intimate partner (domestic/dating) violence and stalking. The SUNY Cortland It's On Us Action Team, comprised of students, faculty and staff members, works to annually provide a variety of programs and educational initiatives throughout the year.

Please follow SUNY Cortland It's On Us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! Also, please join us in ending relationship violence at One Love SUNY Cortland! And please check out videos on our YouTube playlist, several created by SUNY Cortland students over the past few years!

It's on us - all of us - to prevent sexual assault and other interpersonal violence. 

For students, "it's on us" means taking care of one other and interrupting situations that look sketchy or potentially risky. Students should:

  • Steer potential victims away from possible predators at parties, go out - and come home - in groups, and speak up when they think someone who is incapacitated or unwittingly possibly about to make a mistake.
  • Step in to stop friends or acquaintances from taking action that could make themselves perpetrators. Peer pressure should be used to discourage sexual assault and create an atmosphere in which persistent, unwanted sexual advances are not socially tolerated.
  • Be aware that there is an amnesty policy for reporting sexual violence. If students have been drinking or are engaged in almost any normally prohibited behavior when they witness a possible sexual assault or become a victim themselves, they can report the situation without fear of discipline by the college. 

For faculty and staff, this means talking with students about the issue at appropriate moments, raising awareness of the issue and how it is handled at SUNY Cortland. If a victim tells his or her story to a faculty or staff member, that employee should: 

  • Take the individual seriously and listen without judgment.
  • Avoid any suggestion that the victim is responsible for the assault or should have acted differently to avoid it.
  • Assure the person that they will be treated with respect and their privacy will be protected.
  • Notify the campus Title IX Coordinator of any sexual assault or harassment allegation within 24 hours. Let the individual know you have an obligation to report and encourage the victim to contact the Title IX Coordinator directly. 

SUNY Cortland prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and other violence or threats of violence and offers resources to any victims/survivors. (See Definitions for more information.) SUNY Cortland is committed to educating all new and current students, as well as employees, in a variety of prevention and awareness educational programs to decrease violence and maintain a culture where sexual assault and acts of violence are not tolerated. Positive bystander intervention education helps to to both prevent misconduct and create a positive campus climate. It's On US!