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  • NOTICE: Many Employees Asked Not to Report Dec. 26

NOTICE: Many Employees Asked Not to Report Dec. 26

 NOTICE: Many Employees Asked Not to Report Dec. 26


SUNY Cortland employees scheduled to work in several buildings across campus Wednesday, Dec. 26, should not report to work due to an extended power outage.

The outage, which affected operations of North Campus buildings Dec. 24, will close the following buildings until full power is restored:

• Bowers Hall II

• Brockway Hall

• Cheney Hall

• Cornish Hall

• DeGroat Hall

• Memorial Library

• Miller Building

• Moffett Center

• Neubig Hall

• Old Main

• Sperry Center

• Van Hoesen Hall

• Winchell Hall

Generators are currently providing minimal power to those buildings. Repairs are ongoing, and full power should be restored by the end of the week. 

All other campus buildings are not affected and will operate as scheduled. 

The College will attempt to get permission from the Governor's Office to suspend the attendance rules for Dec. 24 and Dec. 26, which would mean that employees will not have to charge accruals.

Employees who already have approved leave for those days are not impacted by this notice and will be required to charge appropriate accruals.