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Program Details

Political Science Minor [POL] (Minor)

Political Science Department
Robert Spitzer, chair
Old Main, Room 207

An opportunity to develop some fundamental knowledge in the areas of American government, comparative /international politics and political theory.

Career Potential

The minor is ideal for students interested in learning more about the nations of the world and excellent for those teaching in public schools, seeking careers abroad or to simply better understand the world outside of America’s borders.

  • Campaign manager
  • Elected representative (local, state or federal)
  • Journalist/reporter
  • Legislative aide (state or federal)

div> A. Required Courses: 18 credit hours

  • Twelve additional hours of POL courses to be decided upon with the advice of the student’s advisor and with the consent of the department.
  • POL 100 - Introduction to American Government and Politics (3 cr. hr.)
  • POL 101 - Introduction to World Politics (3 cr. hr.)
Total Credit Hours Required for the Minor: 18