Political Science Department

If careers in law, business, government, politics, law enforcement, journalism and teaching pique your interest, then a political science major would be the perfect choice for you.

The Political Science Department offers a wide range of programs for understanding the political world, preparing you for your chosen vocation and seeking graduate education in politics, law, policy or public administration.

You will also gain practical experience in domestic and international politics, government and the law through our service-learning programs and participate in such overseas internships as the British Parliament, the Irish Parliament or government agency work in Belize.

If your goal is to become a lawyer, we will provide you with advisement and assistance in preparing for the law boards (LSATs), a pre-law library, law school trips and speakers, our popular law and justice concentration and our new law and justice minor.

We also offer courses on constitutional law and have developed a successful moot court program. Our graduates have gone on to study law at some of the best schools in the nation such as Cornell and George Washington University. We take pride in their success.

Our Alumni

SUNY Cortland's political science graduates have a strong track record of success in a variety of areas.  Many of our graduates go on to some form of post-graduate education, mostly law school and master’s programs, for example, recent graduates have attended law schools at George Washington, Syracuse, the University of Alabama and Albany Law School. We also currently have students attending masters programs at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy and Cornell's Institute for Public Affairs. 

We know that in order to continue this strong tradition, we need our Alumni to provide guidance and support for our recent graduates. Do you know any successful Cortland Political Science Alumni?  If so, please e-mail Dr. Spitzer at robert.spitzer@cortland.edu.


Political Science Professor Excels at Guessing Game

Timothy Delaune's fantasy game helps him bring his best game into the classroom.

Students Give Out $10,000 to Charities

The political science class members became philanthropists for a semester.

Institute for Civic Engagement Appoints New Director

Mary McGuire takes over for Richard Kendrick, who has retired.

Students to Award Local Grants Worth $10,000

On May 7, political science classmates share their real-life learning experience results.

College Continues ‘Global Crises Week’ Series

The talks will seek to explain the complex factors roiling the planet.


Students interested in participating in politics-related activities outside the classroom can join the Political Science Association. This student-run club sponsors many extra-curricular events involving students and faculty. It invites and hosts outside speakers, holds issues debates on controversial political issues, and organizes a funded annual trip to Washington, D.C., among other activities. 

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