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Related Links

The links below are provided for your convenience. The Cortland English department has no control over the content of these sites. We update these links on a regular basis.


Association of Writing Programs organization of creative writers and departments offering creative writing

Modern Language Association organization of professionals in English Studies, Comparative Literature, and Foreign Languages

National Council for Teachers of English the main site for this organization, includes information on their publications, discussion groups, conferences, and many other items.

Society for Literature and Science academics and others interested in the intersection of these two fields; they produce the journal Configurations and have an annual conference.

Society for Technical Communication a national organization of professional writers


Alt-X a more experimental e-zine that includes creative and critical works

Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life an e-journal that produces brief, accessible articles on a range of contemporary issues with a variety of non-mainstream perspectives

C-theory the website and journal associated with Arthur and Marilouise Kroker's discussion list on technology and culture

C-theory Multimedia critical and artistic multimedia projects.

Culture Machine an academic e-journal dealing with cultural studies and technology

CULTSTUD-L: Cultural Studies listserve the website associated with this academic discussion list on cultural studies

ECHO - a music-centered journal an academic journal on music and culture

Enculturation an academic journal in the humanities focusing on cultural studies

The Journal of Mundane Behavior an academic e-journal examining the conditions of everyday life

Media/Culture a less academic e-journal dealing with media events

PRE/TEXT: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory site for Victor Vitanza's journal; includes an online extension of the print journal

public domain, inc. an online community of theory, art, and architecture; publishes an e-journal, Perforations

trAce Online Writing Community a broadly based writing community with a number of discussion groups


English: Calls for Papers a list of calls for academic work (journal articles, essays, and conferences), associated with the CFP listserve a good resource site for studying popular culture

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
a good resource site for cultural studies and technology

Voice of the Shuttle an excellent site for doing research in the Humanities