A.K. Summers

AK Summers book cover

Praise for Pregnant Butch:

“Summers is a good storyteller [and] in the best way, this story is a coming of age story... It’s hard not to melt when you meet her present family at the end of the book.” – Buzzfeed

“This comic’s strength is its ability not to devolve into the oversentimentality or overseriousness that marks many pregnancy narratives. Instead, it forges ahead and finds complex personal meaning, and great inner strength, in the experience of bringing a child into the world. Summers’s voice is fresh, honest, biting, and funny.” – Library Journal

“I very much enjoyed reading Pregnant Butch. It’s thoroughly engrossing and often very funny. I found a surprising amount to identify with, even though I will never be a butch lesbian or pregnant. Ms. Summers’ book is happily recommended.” –Howard Cruse, author of Stuck Rubber Baby