Program Details

Management Minor [MGT] (Minor)

Economics Department
Old Main, Room 136

Economics Department Course Retake Policy

  • For the purpose of this policy, "course" refers to any course offered by the Economics Department that is used to satisfy the requirements of any major or minor offered by the department (economics [ECO], management [MGT]).
  • A student may repeat a course to replace a failing grade, grade of X, indicating withdrawal from course, or to improve the student's grade point average when the first enrollment resulted in a passing grade.
  • A student may enroll in a course twice. A third or subsequent enrollment in that course shall be with the approval of the Economics Department only and contingent upon available space in the course after all student registration occurs.

A. Required Courses: 12 credit hours

Note: A minimum grade of C in ECO 105 is required for all management minors before taking upper-level courses.

  • ECO 105 - Political Economy and Social Thought (3 cr. hr.)
  • ECO 352 - Finance (3 cr. hr.)
  • MGT 250 - Principles of Management (3 cr. hr.)
  • MGT 254 - Principles of Accounting I (3 cr. hr.)
B. Other Courses: 6 credit hours selected from the following:

Note: 1) Economics majors pursuing a management minor cannot count ECO 111 and MGT 385 toward both the economics major and the management minor. ECO 111 will count toward the major, and MGT 385 may count toward either the major or the minor. 2) The minor in management is not open to sport management majors.

CAP elective above CAP 100
PHI 233: Management Ethics

  • COM 302 - Intercultural Communication (3 cr. hr.) or
  • COM 303 - International Communication (3 cr. hr.) or
  • COM 320 - Organizational Communication (3 cr. hr.) or
  • COM 421 - Mass Media Advertising (3 cr. hr.) or
  • COM 422 - Public Relations (3 cr. hr.)
  • ECO 111 - Principles of Microeconomics (3 cr. hr.)
  • MGT 385 - Human Resource Management (3 cr. hr.)
  • MGT 253 - Principles of Marketing (3 cr. hr.)
  • MGT 255 - Principles of Accounting II (3 cr. hr.)
  • MGT 265 - Business Law (3 cr. hr.)
Total Credit Hours Required for the Minor: 18